Mount Albert Downtown Revitalization is a collaborative and comprehensive project that aims to revitalize the downtown Mount Albert/Centre Street area through infrastructure improvements.  The project area focuses on Centre Street between Mount Albert Road to King Street including portions of intersecting side streets at Elizabeth, Main, Bank and Mill Streets, as shown on the image below.

 Map of Centre Street showing revitalization plans

Project improvements

This project will include: 
  • Road resurfacing and full road reconstruction (where required)
  • Minor bridge rehabilitation to the Centre St bridge just north of Mill Street
  • Storm sewer/road drainage improvements
  • Upgrades to sidewalks to fill in missing links, improve connectivity and accessibility 
  • Replace/upgrade/relocation of overhead hydro poles to eliminate conflicts with sidewalks
  • Public realm improvements including decorative streetlighting, street scape, amenities, etc.
  • Formal lay-by parking where practical
  • Sidewalk connections to adjacent trail network (where applicable)
  • Provide on-road cycling lanes (if technically feasible)

The study component of this project will also focus on the economic development opportunities of upgrading these areas. Additional projects and funding may be available for local businesses as this aspect develops and the project progresses.


This project has been co-funded through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP). This is a Federal program (managed by the Province) designed to create long-term economic growth, build inclusive, sustainable and resilient communities and support a low-carbon economy. The total eligible project costs are approximately $2.7 million, which will be covered by the Provincial/Federal grant. The Town will contribute approximately $454,000.
Project timeline
ObjectivesTimingWhat can residents expect?

Stakeholder Engagement and Design Milestones

Acquisition of a Professional services team

Q1 2022

No construction activity – Request for Proposals (RFP) issued online to acquire a consultant that will undertake the work.

Preliminary & detailed design development, which will include four public consultation opportunities

Q1 2022 to 2024

No construction activity – The Town and consultant will host up to four public consultation opportunities for formal resident feedback, however, feedback is welcome at anytime throughout the process. See below for how to get involved!

Construction Milestones

Advanced procurement of materials (hydro poles and streetlight fixtures)


No construction activity – Town will be purchasing items to allow for next stage in the process

Tender & Award Advanced Utility Relocation Construction Contract


Request for Tender (RFT) issued online to acquire a contractor for utility relocations in advance of the main civil construction works.

Advanced Utility Relocation Construction


Construction activity along the main corridor during this time period to relocate utilities such as hydro poles, telecom and gas. This work will move the utilities so that the main civil construction can occur. All advanced utility relocations are anticipated to be complete by late 2023.

Tender & Award Civil Construction Contract


Request for Tender (RFT) issued online to acquire a contractor for the main civil construction works. This contract includes construction on the road, curbs, sidewalks bridge and boulevard.

Civil Construction


Construction activity along the main corridor include works on the road, curbs, sidewalks, bridge and boulevard. Construction activities will be controlled to limit impacts to businesses, pedestrians and traffic.

All construction is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2025.

Public engagement – get involved

This project will include a robust public consultation process that will consist of a number of techniques to solicit input including four Public Information Centres, social media and website/webpage interactions as well as other public facing opportunities including community events such as Mount Albert Sports Day and Spring Fair.

General Questions

Please contact the Town's Customer Service team at 905-478-4282 or by email

Design Feedback

Please email: 

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Strategic plans, reports and presentations