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As elected officials of the Town of East Gwillimbury, our role is to ensure that the needs of residents and businesses are met in an effective and efficient manner. One of the first major tasks we undertook as a Council this term was to develop the Strategic Plan, to guide our decisions and actions over the term.

The priorities and actions laid out in the Strategic Plan are based on many discussions and interactions with residents as well as a formal consultation process. The four priorities identified evolved naturally out of the themes that we continuously heard as residents' wishes for the future. Each of these priorities becomes an important puzzle piece and complements one another to guide us along the path of creating a strong, vibrant community.

This plan is our commitment to each resident, to remind you that we have listened to your feedback and are focused on moving forward projects and initiatives that support your values.

As we move through this term, we will conduct annual Community Reports to ensure we are on track and share with you the progress we are making. We welcome feedback, and look forward to a healthy and productive four years for the Town of East Gwillimbury.

Strategic priorities for the 2019 to 2022 term of Council

Note: This digital copy of the Strategic Plan has been created for easy reference of the Strategic Plan, with a focus on the four priorities. If you would prefer to read about the Strategic Plan via a hard copy, you can pick yours up from any Town facility, or open the complete PDF here.

Below are the four Strategic Priorities as determined by Council for this Term of Council. Click each priority to learn more about the Strategic Priority, the resulting Strategic Actions and on-going projects for this Term. The puzzle branding will be used throughout the term to mark projects and initiatives that connect with the Strategic  Plan. Watch for the puzzle pieces on Town documents and throughout the community.

Responsible growth and environmental protection puzzle pieceQuality programs and services puzzle piece

Build complete communities puzzle pieceCulture of municipal excellence puzzle piece 

2018 to 2022 Council Term in Review 

On July 21, 2022, Town staff presented the 2018 to 2022 Council Term in Review presentation, looking back at the highlights, key accomplishments and milestones achieved throughout the four-year term. East Gwillimbury’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan guided this work, focusing on four strategic priorities:

  1. Responsible Growth and Environmental Protection
  2. Build Complete Communities
  3. Quality Programs and Services
  4. Culture of Municipal Excellence 

Get involved with the Council Term in Review.

Watch the presentation on YouTube   View the presentation PDF   View the summary brochure

Annual report & corporate alignment

inverse pyramid chartMulti year - The Strategic Plan is developed by Council to guide the direction of the Corporation for the 2019 to 2022 Term of Council. It sets the stage as the foundation to guide decisions, projects, and initiatives to be  undertaken during the four-year term.

Annual - In order to ensure the Strategic Plan is successfully implemented, staff will integrate the strategic priorities into the Annual Business Plan and Budgets. This ensures that projects move forward and are approved by Council each year.

Daily - Once annual work plans are set, staff work together to touch base quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily to ensure that projects are on track and continue to advance the strategic priorities for the Town. 

2019 year in review update

Below is the staff presentation for the 2019 year in review. The presentation outlines the major projects and accomplishments of the first year of this Term of Council. 

What is a Strategic Plan?

The Strategic Plan for the Town of East Gwillimbury is Council’s vision for the future direction of the Corporation. As with the initial versions of the Town Strategic Plan, the new pillars outlined in the Strategic Plan will provide guidance to Town programs and services. Senior staff have been extensively involved in development of the Strategic Plan and will assume ownership for implementing the strategic directions and actions contained in the document.

Successful implementation of the Strategic Plan will require the CAO and Senior Management to meet annually to discuss and review their progress against the Strategic Plan pillars and actions. A Community Report will be completed to provide a progress update and outline the strategic initiatives underway or accomplished. See above for the Community Report from the 2015 to 2018 Strategic Plan.

Objectives will be established for the following year as part of the development of business plans and budgets. Management will engage all staff to evaluate progress and accomplishments on strategic goals. This will allow staff to thoroughly understand and use the Strategic Plan to help set goals and performance objectives for themselves.

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