2022 to 2026 Strategic Plan Cover EG’s 2022 to 2026 Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan guides the next four years of our Town to ensure we continue to provide programs and services that will support a sustainable future where residents and businesses can thrive. The Plan is made up of five strategic priorities with corresponding key deliverables that ensure East Gwillimbury remains well-planned, well-managed, and resilient.

The Plan was developed based on the feedback shared with Council while campaigning for the 2022 Municipal Election. Your feedback has helped us develop a draft Plan, which will guide our growing community for the next four years. 

EG is working towards a sustainable future. Sustainability means supporting the ability of current and future generations to thrive, while ensuring a balance between economic growth, environmental stewardship, and social well-being. Our efforts are focused on finding ways to improve, enhance, and do better.

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Our Vision

To be a resilient, sustainable, and welcoming community that connects residents to each other, services, and opportunities.

Our Core Purpose

Deliver value for tax dollars, while providing quality services that the community wants and needs.

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Our Priorities

Quality Programs and Services
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Provide value for tax dollars through delivery of programs and services that support our economic, environmental, and social goals. 

  • Develop high-quality programs that promote healthy and active living and encompass the diverse interests of our residents
  • Provide programs and services that are inclusive, affordable, and accessible
  • Support a safe and livable community
  • Support and promote the arts, culture and heritage of East Gwillimbury
Responsible Growth

Responsible Growth puzzle pieceEnsure responsible and balanced growth management.

  • Ensure development occurs in an intentional, sustainable fashion, with a focus on preserving the Town’s cultural heritage and environmental features
  • Strengthen economic sustainability through the attraction of strategic investment and support to new and existing businesses
  • Support economic participation through the creation of high value jobs and support for entrepreneurship
  • Advocate for a variety of housing options for residents in every stage of life
Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Sustainability puzzle piecePreserve and protect our natural environment as we grow.

  • Support the stewardship, preservation, conservation, and enhancement of the natural environment in East Gwillimbury
  • Develop and implement policies that supports environmental sustainability and best practices
  • Develop and implement programs and policies that support climate change adaptation, mitigation, and resiliency
Build Complete Communities

Build Complete Communities puzzle pieceBuild complete communities that support the ability for residents to connect to amenities, services, employment, and each other.

  • Enhance EG’s core infrastructure network to support the objective of walkable, connected neighbourhoods
  • Create infrastructure to support healthy and active lifestyles for diverse ages, abilities, and interests
  • Support efforts to improve the availability and quality of telecommunications servicing
  • Foster placemaking through revitalization and rejuvenation of village and commercial cores
  • Build strong partnerships and leverage volunteerism for an engaged community
Culture of Municipal Excellence

Municipal Culture of Excellence puzzle pieceFoster a culture of service excellence, engagement, and transparency.

  • Build an engaged and strategically aligned staff team to deliver high-quality programs
  • Ensure strong fiscal responsibility and value for tax dollars
  • Prioritize and deliver customer service excellence
  • Be an accessible, welcoming community that embraces equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Foster an environment of innovation and flexibility


 Annual Reports 

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Multi year - The Strategic Plan is developed by Council to guide the direction of the Corporation for the 2022 to 2026 Term of Council. It provides overall direction to guide decisions, projects, and initiatives to be  undertaken during the four-year term.

Annual - Staff will integrate the strategic priorities into the Annual Business Plan and Budgets. This ensures that efforts are regularly reviewed to ensure that they align with Council priorities. 

Weekly/Daily - Departmental and individual workplans define the specific steps that staff will take to advance strategic objects and measure progress while ensuring the efficient and effective use of resources. 

 2023 Strategic Plan Annual Report 
The 2023 Annual Report outlines the Town’s major municipal projects and accomplishments from 2023 in relation to the Town’s Strategic Plan. 2023 was the first full year of the Council term and the work done this year helps to set the stage for the rest of the Council term. Each year, Annual Reports will be developed and shared with the community to track the progress of priorities included in EG's Strategic Plan. 

To view the 2023 Annual Report presentation, please visit the Town's YouTube Channel.

View the 2023 Strategic Plan Annual Report

 What is a Strategic Plan?
The Strategic Plan for the Town of East Gwillimbury is Council’s vision for the future direction of the Corporation. As with the initial versions of the Town Strategic Plan, the priorities outlined in the Strategic Plan will provide guidance to Town programs and services. Senior staff have been extensively involved in development of the Strategic Plan and will assume ownership for implementing the strategic directions and actions contained in the document.

Successful implementation of the Strategic Plan will require the CAO and Senior Management to meet annually to discuss and review their progress against the Strategic Plan priorities and actions. A Community Report will be completed to provide a progress update and outline the strategic initiatives underway or accomplished. Links to Community Reports from previous Council Terms are below. 

Objectives will be established for the following year as part of the development of business plans and budgets. Management will engage all staff to evaluate progress and accomplishments on strategic goals. This will allow staff to thoroughly understand and use the Strategic Plan to help set goals and performance objectives for themselves.

To learn more about the 2023 Strategic Plan development process, please visit: 

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