The Capital Engineering branch is responsible for various engineering projects throughout the Town of East Gwillimbury (EG), outside of new development/unassumed areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Project descriptions and frequently asked questions (FAQ's) are provided for the following Capital Engineering projects:

2023 Projects and Updates (Construction and Design)

Alice Street and Valley Mills Road

Storm Outfalls and Retaining Wall

Project Background:

This storm outfall and retaining wall project is in the community of Mount Albert, adjacent to Vivian Creek Park. There are four storm outfalls and one span of retaining wall in need of repair. Town staff have investigated and continue to monitor the condition of the outfalls, although they require repair, the current state is stable and interim holding repairs will be completed (if necessary) until construction takes place. Similarly, the slope behind 13 and 15 Valley Mills Road was also inspected, monitored, and deemed stable. This project was discussed as part of the 2022 budget deliberations at Council. The Town is continuing to make progressive steps to address this matter.

Vivian Creek Trail Feedback 

Thank you to everyone who completed the Vivian Creek Trail Closure survey. Your thoughts and feedback have been incorporated into a staff memo for Council. The memo will be presented to Committee of the Whole on July 25 at 10 a.m. The meeting agenda will be available online on July 20 at noon. To view the Agenda, please visit the Council meeting portal.

Members of the public are welcome to attend and provide input during meetings. Join the meeting in-person in Council Chambers at the Civic Centre or virtually via the Town's YouTube Channel

 Storm Outfall Locations:

  • 66 Alice Street (rear-lot)
  • 68 and 70 Alice Street (rear-lot)
  • Behind 15 and 17 Valley Mills Road (Two Storm Outfalls) 

Retaining Wall Location:

  • Behind 13 and 15 Valley Mills Road 

The map below outlines the retaining wall and storm outfall locations. This project has several complex factors that are being considered as part of the repairs, including slope stability, erosion, construction access, environmental and trail impacts. With the help of preliminary input received by external construction and engineering professionals, Town staff are preparing a report to Council, to review and endorse potential solutions and next steps.