The Capital Engineering branch is responsible for various engineering projects throughout the Town of East Gwillimbury (EG), outside of new development/unassumed areas.

Project descriptions and frequently asked questions (FAQ's) are provided for the following Capital Engineering projects:

2021 Projects (Construction & Design)

Road Resurfacing


  • Cedar St. (Yonge St. to 120m East of Walnut Ave.)
  • Oakridge Crt. (Colony Trail Blvd. to Thompson Drive)
  • Forrestwood Cres. (Colony Trail Blvd. to Colony Trail Blvd.)
  • Royal Cedar Crt. (Colony Trail Blvd. to East end)
  • Donlands Ave. (Mount Albert Rd. to Tate Court)
  • Albert St. (King St. to Victory Drive.)

Road Reconstruction Design


  • Rogers Road (2nd Concession Road to East End)
  • Mill Road (McCowan Road to East End)
  • Queensville Sideroad and Centre Street Intersection

Bridge – Interim Rehabilitation


  • East Townline Bridge 113 (approx. 650m south of Holborn Rd.)
  • East Townline Bridge 114 (approx. 700m north of Holborn Rd.)

Double High Float Surface Treatment 


  • Centre Street (Herald Rd. to Cupples Farm Lane)
  • Catering Rd. (Warden Ave. to Ravenshoe Rd.)
  • Boag Rd. (Woodbine Ave. to Warden Avenue.)

Slurry Seal


  • 2nd Concession Rd. (Holborn Rd to North End)
  • Holborn Rd. (2nd Concession Rd. to Leslie St.)
  • Hornes Rd. (Woodbine Ave. to Warden Ave.)
  • Doane Rd. (Centre St. to West End)

New Sidewalk Construction (2021 & 2022)



  • Highway 48 (Princess St. to Foodland)
  • Mount Albert Road (Tyson Drive walkway to Grist Mill Rd)
  • Queensville Sideroad (Holland River bridge to Yonge St)

New Sidewalk Design (2021 & 2022)


  • Mount Albert Road (Conn Drive to EG Sports Complex, North Side Only)
  • Mount Albert Road (Centre Street to Cupples Farm Lane, South Side Only)

Miscellaneous Concrete Repairs (Sidewalks & Curbs)

Various locations throughout Town

Crack Sealing (Roads)

Various locations throughout Town

Roadside Safety Improvements Design


  • York Durham Line - 400m North of Holborn Road

Water Service Replacement Pilot Program


  • To be determined (TBD) within Thin-wall Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Watermain extents (Holland Landing)

Once the individual construction projects above are awarded, a copy of the Notice of Work will be uploaded into the table for reference.

For more information on current and upcoming regional construction projects in East Gwillimbury, please visit York Region's website.

2021 Construction Map

To view the Road Construction and Capital Engineering projects check out our Capital Construction Map.

Map of Construction Projects, coloured lines and points

Federal Gas Tax Funding​

The Government of Canada provides funding to Municipalities with Gas Tax Funding for a variety of different project categories including local roads and bridges. From the Town's 2021 Capital Budget, the following Road Construction and Capital Engineering projects have received this funding:

Road Rehabilitation Program

  • Asphalt Resurfacing
  • Double High Float Surface Treatment
  • Slurry Seal

Miscellaneous Concrete Rehabilitation

  • East Townline Bridges - Rehabilitation

Strategic alignment​

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