Hand holding globe, with environmental icons around it
What's your enviro vision?

We're developing EG's Environmental Strategy and need your help!
Attend a community workshop or complete the feedback survey to share your thoughts.

The Town of East Gwillimbury (EG) is committed to preserving our natural environment and promoting sustainability in our corporate practices and across the community.

See how EG is making the environment a priority and implementing Thinking Green ideas throughout the community. EG is consistently addressing environmental considerations throughout its operations.
Some examples are:

  • On-going efforts to increase waste diversion from landfill
  • On-going Water Conservation initiatives in collaboration with the Region of York
  • Development Standards addressing matters such as energy efficiency, green space and pedestrian accessibility
  • Development and on-going improvement of the Town's Thinking Green and Sustainable Development strategies
  • Mosquito Control Program
  • Local Farmers Market
  • Annual Town-Wide Litter Clean-Up Event
  • Annual Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Collection Event
  • Energy Retrofit Program