Rice Commercial Group Ltd. is proposing to locate a fill operation located at 18725 McCowan Road and Mill Road.

map of location

If approved, the fill will be imported and placed in the former pit so that the site can be returned to an agricultural designation. The draft Fill Management Plan has been prepared in accordance with Fill By-law #2013-066 to support the application.

Draft Fill Management Plan 

The Rice Group has provided an updated draft Fill Management Plan, that incorporates new regulations from the Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks, and feedback from Council and residents. Please note that the Fill Management Plan has not been reviewed or approved by Council and the applicant will be presenting the plan, proposal and additional public feedback to Council this fall. 

Please click the links below to view the Draft Fill Management Plan and supporting attachments: 

Documents and Attachments


Fact Sheet (Updated January 2021)

Comment Response Table (Updated January 2021) 

Draft Fill Management Plan Main Report (Updated January 2021)

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Date Meeting and DocumentsVideo Links
February 17, 2021 Notice  
January 19, 2021 Virtual Public Meeting January 19 - Council Meeting
(Please skip to 22:50 on the video)
October 20, 2020 Virtual Public Meeting Council
Memo - Former Overholt Pit Site Alteration Update 18725 McCowan Rd. 
October 20 - Council Meeting
(Please skip to 45:58 on the video)
June 23, 2020  Council
Memo - Site Alteration Update Former Overholt Pit 
June 23 - Council Meeting 
(Please skip to 2:57:14 on the video)
February 19, 2020  Public Meeting 
Memo - Former Over Holt Pit - Site Alteration Proposed Timing 18725 McCowan Road 
February 19 - Council Meeting 
(Please skip to 3:00 on the video) 
November 19, 2019 Public Meeting/Council Presentation
November 19 - Council Meeting 

(Please skip to 3:53 on the video)
October 16, 2019   Council
Memo - Former Overholt Pit - Site Alteration Proposed Timing 18725 McCowan Rd.

October 16, 2019 - Council Meeting 
(Please skip to 26:09 on the video)
August 13, 2019  Committee of the Whole Council 
Memo - Former Overholt Pit Site Alteration Update 18725 McCowan Rd.
August 13, 2019 - Committee of the Whole Council Meeting 
(Please skip to 2:07:09 on the video) 
June 5, 2019  Public Information Centre  N/A


If you have questions or require additional information, please contact:

  • Municipal Inspector, Town of East Gwillimbury
    905-478-4282 ext. 3841
  • Applicant representative:
    Katrina McCullough