Sharon Temple on a Sunny Day

The temple of the Children of Peace at Sharon is an architectural masterpiece expressing in dramatic form the ideas of David Willson, a charismatic religious leader in early 19th century Upper Canada.

The architectural elements of the Temple combine to express a singular religious vision of the most striking beauty. Its three tiers, its four-fold symmetry, its lanterns, and its pinnacles all take their inspirations from the Bible. Jacob's Ladder, a gently curved staircase, leads to the musicians' gallery above.  Its three stories represent the Trinity.  The four central pillars even bear names: Faith, Hope, Love, and Charity.  Known for their pageantry, the Children of Peace combined unique architecture with distinctive artistic works and unparalleled musical tradition.

For more information, including hours of operation, please call 905-478-2389 or visit the Sharon Temple web site.

Above banner photo submitted by Robert Alsop