The Town of East Gwillimbury (EG) undertakes two types of sidewalk construction projects, New Sidewalk construction and Sidewalk Replacement construction.

New Sidewalk construction

New Sidewalk construction work involves the installation of new sidewalks within EG. These projects must take into consideration several factors within EG's boulevards such as various types of utilities, poor sidewalk grades, ditches, driveways, and trees. The scope of work varies depending on the project site, however, a combination of excavation, fill and a limited amount of EG tree replacements is often required.

New Sidewalk
Example of New Sidewalk Construction (During Construction)

Sidewalk Replacement construction

Sidewalk Replacement work involves the replacement of various sidewalk blocks, or “bays” across Town that are identified through the Town's annual sidewalk inspection program. This work includes sidewalk bays that are damaged, heaved or that have settled. On average one to three sidewalk bays may be replaced per location however, more may be necessary depending on the existing conditions. Minor damage or visual aesthetics do not warrant the replacement of a sidewalk bay.

Sidewalk Replacement
Example of Sidewalk Replacement (Post Construction)

In general, residents may expect the following construction phases:

Site Preparation

The project will begin with site preparation such as trimming vegetation on the Town boulevard and potential removals of Town trees. Notices for any site preparation work are sent out to residents ahead of construction.

Excavation and Filling 

Where existing grades are not favourable for sidewalks, a combination of excavation and filling is required within the Town boulevard. Along the span of the sidewalk length, shallow excavation is required to install the granular base for the new sidewalk. In general, the proposed sidewalk is installed to be flush with the surrounding boulevard. Once excavation is complete, the granular base is installed and compacted for the new sidewalk. The installation of wooden formwork follows immediately after.

Concrete Pouring 

At this stage, the contractor can pour concrete into the wooden formwork and complete any other concrete work that may be required. The formwork will stay in place for approximately two to four days while the concrete cures. Where work takes place across driveways, the work will be staged to allow narrowed vehicular access into your driveway while the concrete formwork is in place.


With the concrete works complete, it is time for final restoration. This will include the replacement of topsoil/sod and final clean-up of the job site.

Warranty period

Should any deficiencies happen after construction is complete, the contractor is responsible for warranty work typically for 1 to 2 years. Town staff monitor the performance of work during this time and should residents have any concerns please notify us during this time to investigate.

Frequently asked questions

To learn more about sidewalk construction works in EG, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to view our sidewalk construction FAQs.