In 2021, the Town of East Gwillimbury (EG) installed a Community Flagpole in the south courtyard at the Civic Centre. EG wants to allow community organizations and groups to engage with other residents and fly their flag for events and causes.

Want to see your flag fly above EG?

If you and your organization/group is interested in raising your flag to recognize a celebration, event or cause, EG invites you complete the Flag Raising Application. 

What types of flag raising requests will be denied? 
  • Political parties or political organizations
  • Religious organizations or in celebration of religious events
  • Promotion of businesses or commercial enterprises
  • Matters that incite hatred or discrimination
  • If the purpose is against or contradicting of corporate policies or by-laws
  • If the purpose is to challenge the integrity of the Town, Ontario or Canada
 How do I fill in a flag raising request?
  • Fill in and submit the Community Flagpole Application
    • Any Advisory Committee may submit a request to fly a flag on behalf of an organization, with their permission.
    • The application should be submitted a minimum of one month before the date the flag is being requested to be raised.
  • The Office of the Mayor will notify you if your flag raising request has been approved or denied.

  • If the Mayor’s office approves the request:

    • Please provide the Town with the flag a minimum of 2 business days before the flag raising event.

    • If you do not have a flag or are unable to fund the purchase of a flag, the organization/Advisory Committee may make a one-time funding request of up to $100 from the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee, towards the purchase of a flag.

    • The Mayor’s office will confirm the date and time of the flag raising ceremony, confirm the Mayor’s attendance, and invite Council Members and staff.

  • You are encouraged to bring educational materials/resources to the event to share with participants.
    • You are also encouraged to post information on the Town’s events calendar.