EG has finalized the draft Environmental Strategy, which, once approved, will guide the municipality’s journey toward building a more diverse, resilient, and sustainable Town for years to come. The new strategy has a more holistic view of the environment and is divided in five thematic areas: Land, Air, Water, Biodiversity, and Outreach.

Circle diagram of environmental strategy themes

This strategy is reflective of the current and future needs of EG, residents, businesses, committees, and staff. During 2023, we engaged the community and internal and external stakeholders to gather their thoughts, ideas, and concerns about the environment where they live, work and play. After an extensive research and engagement process, we drafted and reviewed the strategy, and it is ready for the final stage: community validation and approval.

To view the Environmental Strategy document, please click here. If you would like to share feedback, please email the project team.

For more information on environmental initiatives in EG,please watch the January 16 Committee of the Whole Council meeting (skip to 52:19).

Thank you!

To everyone who participated at the community workshops, completed the Enviro Vision survey, submitted photos, and engaged with us! Your thoughts, concerns, and ideas about your environment are incorporated in EG's Environmental Strategy. 

How to get involved?

Please visit the website to learn more and stay tuned for news and events.


If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas you’d wish to share, please contact the project team by email.