The Town of East Gwillimbury (EG) performs inspections, replacements, and rehabilitations for all Town-owned bridges.

Bridge inspections

We inspect bridges every two years as required by Provincial Standard O. Reg. 472/10. The inspections performed ensure the structural integrity, safety, and condition of every Town-owned bridge.

Bridge replacement

Bridge replacement work often involves a redesign to improve its function, followed by the removal and replacement of the bridge structure. While completing replacement work, we may need to temporarily close roads and offer detour routes.

East Townline Bridge Design 

East Gwillimbury has hired LEA Consulting Ltd. to conduct field work to develop detailed design plans for the replacement of bridges #113 and #114 and guardrail improvements on York Durham Line. The impacted areas are noted on the attached map. 

Beginning Monday, May 15, 2023, contractors will be in the area completing the required field work to develop the detail design plans. The field work will include photography, field measurements, environmental documentation, utility identification, and street level video capturing existing conditions 

There will be no disruptions to traffic. Staff completing this work may briefly enter your front yard to survey the location and elevation of key features such as trees, property bars/survey monuments, driveways, walkways, gardens, and utilities. This information will ensure accuracy and completeness of the design process, including considerations of the location of all walkways and driveways that connect to the municipal road networkThere will be no construction (digging) work on private property during this phase of the project 

The design process is scheduled to be complete in 2023. Staff will host an upcoming public open house to allow members of the public to review the design and provide feedback. 

Additional details about the project and future public meetings will be posted here. You can also sign-up for the Town's eNewsletter at or follow us on social media for updates. 

For more information or if you have questions please contact:

Town staff

Ray Wrzala, C. Tech. 

Senior Engineering Technologist  

Tel: 905-478-4283, ext. 3852 


LEA Consulting Ltd. 

Neil Brockman, P.Eng. 

Assistant Project Manager 

Tel: 905-470-0015 ext. 389 

Bridge rehabilitation

Bridge rehabilitations involve repairs to a bridge without replacing the entire bridge structure. This includes work such as repairing the:

  • Road surface
  • Expansion joints
  • Damaged concrete

It also includes restoring the material around the bridge. While completing rehabilitation work, we may need to temporarily close roads and offer detour routes.