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Strategic priority

Invest in core infrastructure to connect and serve our growing community

Strategic actions

  • Enhance the Town’s core infrastructure network including roads, sidewalks, water, sewer, and broadband
  • Create infrastructure to support healthy and active lifestyles and connect residents with nature 
  • Effectively manage new and existing assets to deliver exceptional services to residents while ensuring a sustainable community
  • Focus on improving availability and quality of telecommunications servicing 
  • Revitalization and rejuvenation of key downtown areas to provide a sense of place for the community

2021 projects

This portion of the website will be updated throughout the Term with relevant projects and plans. 
  • Oversee delivery of approved capital projects including:
    • Completion and occupancy of the new Operations Centre
    • Commence public consultation and design of the Sports Complex site and facility expansion project
    • Capital funding strategy and detailed design of the Healthy Active Living Plaza 
    • Explore private public partnership opportunities for a multi-sport dome facility 
    • Centre Street revitalization initial public consultation and RFP development 
    • Commence public consultation for upgrades to Yonge Street in Holland Landing
    • Key ATTMP connections at the Oriole Drive Bridge Boardwalk and Trail
    • Continue development of corporate asset management program (multi-year)
    • Prepare a Development Charge Background Study and update the Development Charge By-laws
    • Identify and present options to Council for the 2022 Municipal Election Study (methods, cost, technology
    • Support the completion of a comprehensive broadband gap analysis including broadband infrastructure mapping and the identification of strategic investment opportunities 
  • Transportation (TMP) and Water Wastewater Master Plans are underway – completion in 2021/2022
  • Development Fee & By-law Review - underway and completion in 2021/2022
  • Updating the Town Traffic Policies will coincide with the Transportation Mater Plan Update - completion in 2021/2022
  • Construction projects for 2021 includes asphalt resurfacing, miscellaneous concrete repairs, surface treatment, slurry seal and crack sealing.
  • Retrofit of Holland Landing Boulevard SPS – Work underway, to be complete in 2021
  • Downtown Mount Albert – Centre Street Revitalization – Design contract preparation underway.
  • Highway 48 Sidewalk (Princess St to Foodland) – Design underway and drawing completion in 2021. Sidewalk construction in 2021/2022
  • Streetscape and urban design improvements including the signature planter program, including the Holland Landing and Mount Albert revitalization projects, and the Sharon Leslie Street improvements 

  • Oversee the development of the new Town Official Plan to support sustainable and balanced growth that respects resident and business quality of life

  • Update the Servicing Allocation Policy to provide clear criteria for future servicing allocation commitments

2020 projects

  • Commenced investigation of opportunities to secure land and develop the vision for a fourth fire station 
  •  Streamlined new development inspections related to the Ontario Fire Code compliance
  •  Hwy 404 Employment Corridor Secondary Plan
  • Parking Lot & Drive Through-Urban Design Guidelines
  • Official Plan Update - consultants retained (July 2020) and project underway, set for completion in Q4 2021
  • Heritage Properties Register Review - project underway, and Council Workshop in Q1 2021

  • MZO - Ministerial Zoning Order for 1656 Green Lane - Auto Campus, came into force July 30, 2020  
    Completed Street Name Inventory Review

  • Completed installation of Holland Landing Station 24 and Library, Queensville - Station 28, new Operations Centre and Water Tower (link to Mount Albert), Sharon Sports Complex, Civic Centre.

  • Zoning By-law appeal process resolved

  • Initial development of Civic Precinct Plan Concept, RFP to be releases in 2021 

  • Issued RFP for Sports Complex Site and facility redevelopment and expansion 

  • Implemented extensive public outreach for Health & Active Living Plaza 

2019 projects

Community parks, recreation & culture

  • Five new parks opened in our community
  • Operations Centre Phase 1 Construction Complete and Phase 2 facility construction has commenced
  • Health & Active Living Plaza public consultation sessions underway

Community infrastructure & environmental services

  • Transportation (TMP) and Water Wastewater Master Plans are underway – Memorandum to Council scheduled for Q1/Q2 2020

  • Secondary Plan & servicing strategy  for the 404 Employment Lands ongoing

  • Development Fee & By-law Review partnership with Corporate Services

  • Updating the Town Traffic Policies will coincide with the Transportation Mater Plan Update in Q2/Q3 2020

  • The consolidation of the Towns Traffic & Parking By-laws was completed in Q4 of 2019

  • Construction projects, including asphalt resurfacing and miscellaneous concrete repairs are complete for 2019 locations

  • Mount Albert Water Meter Replacement complete Q4 2019

Development services

  • Finalized the Hwy 404 Employment Corridor Secondary Plan. York Region approved the Plan in November 2020, and the Secondary Plan was in force and effect as of December 10, 2020
  • Council endorsed the Parking Lot & Drive Through-Urban Design Guidelines
  • Council enacted the Cannabis Interim Control By-law. The Cannabis Land Use Study will be completed by June 2021
  • Conducted the Heritage Properties Register Review, set for completion in 2021
  • Obtained a Ministerial Zoning Order (MZO) for the Green Lane Auto Campus
  • Completed the Town’s Street Name Inventory Review

Emergency community safety services

  • Corporate Emergency Management Training
    Company Officer development
  • Aerial apparatus delivered
  • Emergency Plan and By-law Update (Annual Compliance update)
  • 2019 Emergency Management Compliance on track   
  • Tanker Shuttle Accreditation Planning
  • Traffic/parking by-law update ongoing
  • Received Firehouse Sub Grant Public Safety Foundation to support and enhance programs
  • Paid on-Call Recruit training
  • Aerial Apparatus Delivered

Corporate services

  • 2018 year-end audit and financial statements completed with enhanced resident-focused documents
  • Development Charge By-law Update complete (Bill 108 changes to DC legislation, review and sensitivity analysis underway)
  • User Fee By-Law update underway with completion expected in 2019
  • Staff are working on reviewing internal processes and system to move towards a more self-serve, user friendly process in billing and customer service
  • Strategic recruitment of Economic Development Manager
  • Review and revamp program to prioritize job creation and non-residential investment in EG
  • Continue to work with YorkNet to expand fibre connectivity of Town facilities

Legal and clerks

Proposed agreement reached regarding appeal on Zoning By-law.