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Customer Service is available during facility closures. You can reach the team at 905-478-4282 or reach us online through either of these methods:

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Council Highlights - November 11, 2021

COVID-19 Updates - A staff memo was presented to Council outlining key Town COVID-19 updates. Items covered in the Memo include COVID-19 Vaccination Policy, increased capacity limits at community centres, indoor event and meeting spaces, winter programming, waste collection changes, and what’s new in 2022. For the latest COVID-19 updates and memos, please visit our COVID-19 page.

Planning for Growth to 2051 - Staff provided an update to Council on Regional Council’s approval for 70% of the Town’s Whitebelt to become designated Urban Area. Staff also provided additional updates on the Town’s ongoing Offical Plan (OP) review process. Even at full build out of the Town - including the build out of all the Town’s Whitebelt lands - the Town will remain over 83% green. The focus of the Town’s new OP is on developing the appropriate phasing, growth management and sustainability policies to manage growth in a responsible manner that is coordinated with infrastructure delivery.

An updated fee schedule was presented to Council - These fees help to recover costs associated with delivering programs and services, which reduces the costs to the taxpayer. The list of fees are available online on our Fees and Charges page at

Get involved with Council Meetings!

To view EG's Council Meeting schedule, visit our Council Calendar.

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Santa and reindeer - parade tour on November 14 at 9 a.m.

Public Notices

Final Yard Waste Collection

Is your yard ready for winter? Rake your leaves and cleanup your garden. EG’s final yard waste collection pickup takes place the week from November 30 to December 3. Pumpkins, straw, cornstalks and leaves are collected with yard waste, and do not go in the garbage. For more information, visit our Garbage, Recycling, Green Bin and Yard Waste page.

Lymantria Dispar Dispar (LDD/Gypsy Moth) Egg Masses

As you are cleaning up your gardens and yards for winter, make sure you are checking for LDD egg masses! LDD egg masses are oval in shape, tan in colour and fuzzy in texture. They tend to be on tree trunks and on the underside of branches and leaves. To reduce the LDD caterpillar population and damage done next year, it is important to remove these egg masses now. Visit our LDD: Protect Your Trees page for step-by-step instructions and tips.

Let's Get Ready For Winter Parking!

Keeps roads safe this season!

  • Follow the three-hour parking limit on all Town roads.
  • Complete a parking consideration form for temporary parking relief from the three hour limit.
  • Don’t park on the road if it is snowing.
  • Don’t overhang onto the curb, road or sidewalk when parking on a driveway.

Visit our Parking page for more information on parking in EG, and to fill out the parking consideration form.

2022 Business Plan and Budget

Get involved with EG’s 2022 Business Plan and Budget by joining us on November 22 and 24 at 9 a.m. for virtual budget deliberations! Learn more about EG’s budget process and provide feedback on what you would like you tax dollars invested in on our 2022 Business Plan and Budget page

Employment Opportunities

Customer Service Representative (Part-Time)
Deadline to apply is November 19

Deputy Clerk/Manager of Legislative Services (Full-Time)
Deadline to apply is November 19

Winter Seasonal Parks Labourer (Seasonal Contract)
Deadline to apply is November 28

Events Programmer (Farmers Market - Seasonal Contract)
Deadline to apply is November 30

There are also part-time recreational positions available! 
Visit our Careers page to learn more and to apply!

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Notice of Virtual Public Meeting

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 at 10 a.m.
Amendment to the 2019 Development Charge By-law

Meeting Location: Virtual Meeting, pursuant to Sections 238(3.3) of the Municipal Act, 2001. The Council chambers will not be open. To watch the meeting live, visit

Purpose: On Tuesday, December 7, 2021, Council will hold a public meeting pursuant to the Development Charges Act, 1997 to receive input on the proposed amendments to the 2019 Town-wide development charge background study and by-law.

Why is the 2019 Study and By-law being amended? Legislated changes, through Bill 108, require the Town to update the Development Charge Study and by-law prior to September 2022. As well, costs associated with the construction of the Health and Active Living Plaza have been revised and are being adjusted.

What are Development Charges? Development charges are fees that are levied on new development in East Gwillimbury to fund new growth-related capital expenditures.

How can you participate? All interested parties are invited to attend and may provide feedback relating to the proposed study and by-law amendments. Those wishing to address Town Council must advise the Clerk in writing no later than noon on Friday, December 3, 2021 by email. All submissions received in writing and those opinions expressed at the public meeting will be considered prior to the enactment of the amended development charges by-law.

Next steps: It is proposed that Council’s enactment of a by-law amendment will occur in early 2022.

Learn more: Copies of the development charges background study and the proposed by-law will be available on the Town’s website by November 18, 2021. Hard copies will also be available at Customer Service in the Civic Centre. Inquiries should be emailed to Kirsten Dachs, Manager of Development Finance.

Holiday Card Contest

Community Events 

Tree Lighting -  On November 13, from 6 to 8:30 p.m., join us at the EG Sports Complex for our Tree Lighting Ceremony, sponsored by Tiny Seedlings! There will be outdoor treats and a free indoor public skate (COVID-19 passports required). For more information, visit our Events page.

Preparing Your Garden to Welcome Winter Birds - On November 16 at 7 p.m., join the EG Gardeners for the final Annual General Meeting of 2021! Speaker Kristen Martyn will discuss Preparing Your Garden to Welcome Winter Birds. Presented on Google Meet, all are welcome to attend. Register through the East Gwillimbury Public Library by email.

P.A. Day Skate! - On Friday November 19, from 9 to 11 a.m. come spend your P.A. Day at the EG Sports Complex for a fun skate! $3 for adults and $2 for children. Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult 16+, and COVID-19 passports are required for ages 12+ ! See you there!

James Anglican Church Food Pantry - Open every Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to noon, located at 18804 Leslie Street. Residents can drop in to the food pantry for assistance, if you require clothing, please call 905-478-1959 to make arrangements for pick-up.

Visit our website calendar to learn about all upcoming and new events in the EG community or to submit an event of your own! Check out our Calendar now!

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