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Starting Wednesday September 22, 2021, all visitors to community centres including the East Gwillimbury Sports Complex, Ross Family Complex and Holland Landing Community Centre will need to either print or download their vaccination receipt from the government website until an “enhanced” certificate becomes available on October 22, 2021. Visitors to the East Gwillimbury Civic Centre will not be required to provide proof of vaccination.

Every patron 12 years of age or older with limited exceptions (i.e. youth sports) entering indoor areas of Town facilities that are used for sports and recreation fitness activities, and/or utilizing a meeting or event space will need to provide Proof of Vaccination upon entry to the space.

Designated staff are being asked to match the name and date of birth listed on the vaccination receipt with the information on the ID. The receipt must be for the individual’s second dose, and employees should verify that the date of administration was at least 14 days prior.

Examples of identification documents that can be used to confirm vaccine status include a birth certificate, a citizenship card, a driver’s licence, a government issued identification card, including a health card, an Indian Status Card or Indigenous Membership Card, a passport or a permanent resident card.

As the Province continues to monitor the impact of opening schools and the growing number of people returning to workplaces, many COVID-19 workplace safety measures will remain in place. This means certain settings may still require additional measure above and beyond Proof of Vaccination (i.e., masks while indoors, active screening, collection of contact information, etc.).

To monitor and review vaccination passports upon entry into the staffed recreation facilities, Facility Screener positions have been created to meet the requirements set out by the province. At this time, Human Resources with Community Parks Recreation & Culture are in the process of recruitment for these positions. This will also have a financial implication and funding for this position will come from the COVID-19 Funding grant received by the Town.

East Gwillimbury Public Library is now providing free printing for Proof of Vaccination documents. Come download your files, and print! Ask at the front desk or send an email for more info.

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