We offer a wide range of staffed and unstaffed facilities throughout East Gwillimbury (EG) to host your meetings, special events, programs, and other gatherings. Each facility is unique to its community and offers a long list of amenities.

Facility Map

Facility Map

Facility bookings

Each class of facility has a different rental rate. Capacities may vary per facility based on set up configurations. You can find more information on select facilities below.

Capacities and amenities for our bookable facilities

Please fill out our facility booking request form. Our booking staff will contact you with further details.

Before you book

Before you book, please review the important information below:

  • Facilities do not include buffet or head tables, gift tables, or dance floors.
  • Facilities are not equipped for cooking with grease – boiling water only. The only exception is the Mount Albert Lions Community Centre and the York Room Kitchen at the Holland Landing Community Centre.
  • All alcohol-licensed functions must follow the Town of East Gwillimbury Municipal Alcohol Policy.
  • We do not provide tea kettles, coffee urns, dishes, and utensils at our facilities.

Staffed facilities

East Gwillimbury Sports Complex
East Gwillimbury Sports Complex
Ross Family Complex
Ross Family Complex
Holland Landing Community Centre
Holland Landing Community Centre

Value facilities

The facilities listed below are unstaffed. Chairs and tables are available for use but staff set up is not included.

Mount Albert Lions Community Centre
Mount Albert Lions C.C.
Mount Albert Community Centre
Mount Albert Community Centre
North Union Community Centre
North Union Community Centre
River Drive Park Community Centre
River Drive Park C.C.

Main St. Aquatic Centre

Swimming lessons and aquatic programs are held at the Main St. Aquatic Centre which is located at 241 Main St. N in Newmarket.

What to Wear
Proper bathing attire means clothing used for swimming only. No street clothes or undergarments allowed. Participants who are not toilet-trained must wear swim diapers. Regular diapers (disposable or cloth) are not permitted.
All swimmers must shower thoroughly with soap and water before entering the pool.
Outdoor Shoes
Outdoor shoes are not permitted in the changerooms or on the pool deck. Hallway space is available for storage of outdoor shoes.
Both men’s and women’s changerooms are available.
Strollers are not permitted in the changerooms or on the pool deck.
Viewing Area
Swimming lessons can be observed from the designated area of the pool deck. The pool deck is accessed through the changerooms. One spectator per participant is permitted. Indoor footwear is required to be on pool deck.
Photos and Videos
To minimize distractions and protect the privacy of participants, photos/videos may only be taken on Parent’s Day. Taking photos/videos in changerooms is prohibited.
Food and Beverages
Food and beverages are not permitted on the pool deck or in the changerooms.

Harvest Hills Activity Centre

Harvest Hills Activity Centre (HHAC) connects to the Phoebe Gilman Public School. We share the school's gymnasium facility for programming during the summer months. We offer fitness programs, cultural activities, and youth camps during the summer months with the support of the community.

Check our Heath and Active Living Guide to see the full list of programs offered at this shared community facility.


The Sharon Temperance Hall

The Sharon Temperance Hall is managed and operated by the Sharon Temple Museum. For information on booking an event please contact the Sharon Temple Museum at 905-478-2389.

Coming soon

Health and Active Living Plaza

The Health & Active Living Plaza (HALP) is a multi-function municipal plaza planned for the Town of East Gwillimbury. The plaza is planning to open once the population of the Town reaches close to 40,000 residents. Follow along with design and building process on our Health & Active Living Plaza page!

Health and Active Living Plaza Artistic Rendering Subject to change