Diversity and Inclusion 

The Town of East Gwillimbury (EG), together with our partner organizations, is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive municipality. EG is proud to be a strong livable community and by working together we will continue to build a balanced tomorrow that celebrates inclusion in all of its diversity. 

The Town is committed to taking action to achieve the vision of the Inclusion Charter both within our organization and in the community.

These commitments will be part of the Town's foundation, where we ensure that we have a strong and inclusive staff team which fosters the creation of programs and services that meet the changing needs of our community and ensures an environment of customer service excellence for all residents. 

On this page you will find ways that you, your family, friends, clubs, groups and organizations can celebrate and be recognized. 

Learn more information about faith, cultures, and other significant dates throughout the year on the Multifaith Action Society's Diversity Calendar. You can also learn more about Diversity and Inclusion in York Region.

Visit Multifaith Action Society's Diversity Calendar Visit York Region's Diversity and Inclusion page   View York Region's Inclusive Language Guide  

Note: an alternative format of the guide can be requested through York Region

Inclusion Charter


EG's Inclusion Charter was developed in conjunction the Municipal Diversity and Inclusion Group which includes twenty member organizations that serve people who live, work, and visit here. Co-Chaired by York Region and York Regional Police, this community collaboration brings together municipalities, police services, hospitals, school boards, conservation authorities and agencies with a common commitment to welcoming and inclusive communities.

What is the purpose of an Inclusion Charter?
The Inclusion Charter outlines our commitment to welcoming and inclusive communities and workplaces and includes: 
  • Sharing the vision of York Region as a welcoming and inclusive community
  • Creating an inclusive environment with equality for all who work, live, and play here.
  • The Charter reflects an evolving approach in support of existing federal and provincial legislation.
  • Outlining our Commitment to Action with other participating organizations
  • Providing a framework for promoting programs, services, facilities, and workplaces
  • Affirming commitment to Inclusion

EG's Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee of Council 

The Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee of Council promotes community engagement, creates an inclusive community, and celebrates the unique characteristics of East Gwillimbury residents. You can learn more about this committee and their objectives on the Committees, Boards and Groups page.

Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee of Council

Equity, diversity, and inclusion in a small municipality

Check out the October issue of Municipal World, featuring an article written by EG's Acting Director of Human Resources and Diversity and Inclusion. The article highlights the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion and what EG is doing to increase awareness and diversity within our communities.

An alternative format for PDF's are available upon request. 

What is diversity and inclusion?
  • Diversity is about knowing, understanding, accepting, and valuing the unique dimensions, qualities, and characteristics we all possess.
  • Inclusion is about creating an environment where everyone can develop to their full potential, participate freely, and live with respect, dignity, and freedom from discrimination.
  • York Region is one of the fastest growing and most diverse communities in Canada. As of the 2016 Census, 1.2 million people called York Region home, representing all ages, backgrounds, and interests. 
  • Our community includes people who speak over 120 different languages and come from 230 distinct ethnic origins. 
  • 49 per cent of residents identified themselves as a visible minority in 2016, and 46 per cent were born outside of Canada. 
  • As the population of York Region grows, so will its diversity.