Home engulfed in flames with firefighters spraying water on it

East Gwillimbury is fired up! Fire and Emergency Services (FES) launched the Community Risk Assessment (CRA) which identifies the top three causes of fire within each of the eight communities in East Gwillimbury.

The data collected from the CRA is used to assess current risks within each community and make informed decisions about the level and type of fire protection services needed. Knowing these risks can help FES develop the right fire safety programs and public education activities.

The Town website now hosts a public-facing, interactive map that identifies the top three causes of fire. The page also links to fire safety tips to help prevent further risks and to help residents keep their homes and families safe. An added benefit of the interactive map is that it notes the top three languages spoken in each community. This data will eventually guide the municipality in preparing important messaging in other languages.

The FES team worked closely with the Town’s Geographic Information System team to develop this interactive map to visually showcase the information and ensure the public can access the information in an easy-to-understand way.

“We are excited to launch this interactive map for residents and know we are making big strides to enhance fire safety education in East Gwillimbury,” said Mayor Virginia Hackson. “I strongly encourage residents to look at the risks within the community and their home, to prevent potentially dangerous situations from happening. This is an important step in the right direction for fire prevention in East Gwillimbury.”

“The launch of the Community Risk Assessment project is only the start,” said Interim Fire Chief Brassard. “This data is updated every four years using Census information. We will continue to use this model to expand our public education programs and, in the future, include messaging in the top languages spoken in EG to help make information more accessible to all.”

In 2019, the Office of the Fire Marshal Emergency Management announced Regulation O.Reg 378/18 which requires all Ontario municipalities to have a completed CRA by July 2024.

To view the interactive map and learn more about fire safety education, please visit www.eastgwillimbury.ca/CRA.