Arts and culture play an important role in any community. East Gwillimbury (EG) is home to many talented artists, musicians, and performers and we have many heritage buildings, historic sites, museums, theatres, and art galleries for you to enjoy.

What is culture?

Culture is the beliefs, values, and other characteristics shared by groups of people. These characteristics include language, cuisine, heritage, traditions, etc. We express culture through the places and the things that we create, like art, music, theatre, film, literature, or other handmade and artisan creations.

You can find culture throughout EG in our:

EG approved its Cultural Plan in 2011. The Plan provides goals and strategies for growing culture in EG to strengthen community identity and cultural engagement. You can visit our Cultural Plan page for more information.

Tapestry of Taste Art Show and Sale 2022

The theme for the show is "Together Again." We encourage artists to consider this theme when submitting pieces. Artwork will be judged primarily on artistry. We will accept any valid two-dimensional original pieces of art. Submissions must be recent works (2018-2022) that have not been exhibited locally.

For more information on the TOT Art Show and Sale, please visit our Tapestry of Taste page

Visit the Tapestry of Taste page

Public art

The role of public art in facilities and on Town property is to serve as an expression of support of the arts in EG. We recognize the value of local artists and offer support through the provision of display space.

If you would like to display your art in a Town facility or park or want to learn more about the policy, view the buttons below.

                                             Public Art Policy Public Art Policy Application

Stay connected

Fill out the Artist Registry Application Form to stay up to date on marketing and promotional opportunities with the Town and the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee.

 Fill out the Artist Registry Application Form

Featured Artist

Each month, the Town of East Gwillimbury (EG) recognizes local artists for their work. Become a featured artist by submitting a Virtual Art Display Application Form if you would like to showcase your talent on the Town's website! For more details, please visit the Featured Artist page.

Register for cultural programming

Community Parks, Recreation and Culture provides a wide variety of recreation and culture programs. We also work with the community to ensure there are convenient and complementary services available through our partnerships.

Check out our cultural programs and events offered through the Town!

Contact us!

Stay in touch with us to learn more about our community's activities and events that showcase the talent in EG! Email the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee to learn about upcoming events.