The Town of East Gwillimbury (EG) recognizes local artists for their work. Please submit a Virtual Art Display Application Form if you would like to showcase your talent on the Town's website!

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  • December and January: Sculpture and 3D Media
  • February and March: Theatre and Performance
  • April and May: Visual Art
  • June and July: Student Profiles
  • August and September: Music
  • October and November: Writing

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Sculpture and 3D Media

Aitak Sorahitalab 

Aitak Sorahitalab

Aitak Sorahitalab is a contemporary ceramic sculptor, installation artist, art educator, and public art researcher. 

Her sculptures and installations narrate societal and political challenges drawn from personal and collective incidents and observations. Using background knowledge, Aitak incorporates elements of Iranian and Mesopotamian epics, artifacts, and motifs as part of her practice by creating surrealist figurines and compositions. Aesthetic discourse holds the same significance in her work as in the methods and the undergoing process.

Aitak worked with various art organizations and institutes in Iran and Canada, such as Gardiner Museum, Good Sheppard Creative Studio, ArtStarts, North York Arts, Arts Etobicoke, and Mural Routes, and worked for and learned from diverse speculators and audiences. 

Her murals can be seen in Toronto, North York, and East Gwillimbury, where she collaborated with the city of Toronto and other organizations such as WomxnPaint, Bell Box Project, StART, Sharon Temple and York Region Art Council. 

As a doctoral candidate at York University's Environmental and Urban Change, Aitak is investigating the position of public art in contemporary culture and its connection to the right to freedom of expression for artists and creatives.

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