Chief Administrative Officer, Mark Valcic

The Town of East Gwillimbury’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is Mark Valcic. Mr. Valcic has worked for the Town of East Gwillimbury since 2009 and has held the roles of Deputy CAO, General Manager of Corporate Services, and Treasurer.

Mr. Valcic has been a crucial part of the Town's Senior Management Team for more than a decade and has a passion for modernization and innovation. He has helped the Town to maintain a strong financial position and prepare for growth. Over the last several years, Mr. Valcic has led many changes to improve Town operations and modernize processes to better assist residents. Mr. Valcic will work with Council to advance the Strategic Plan, ensure value for tax dollars, and provide quality services that the community wants and needs.

What is a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)?

The CAO is appointed by Council and assists Council in setting the direction of the Town by providing guidance and advice based on best practices and emerging trends in municipal government. 

The CAO is a visionary leader who:

  • Administers the business affairs of the Corporation in accordance with provincial legislation, corporate policies and the Council Strategic Plan
  • Ensures the delivery of quality programs and services
  • Delivers a courteous, welcoming and professional culture of excellence to residents, staff, visitors and businesses
  • Drives for continuous improvement and effective service delivery.
  • Ensures the ever changing needs of the community are met

The CAO continues to develop collaborative relationships within the community, with other Municipalities and levels of government.

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