Broadband services are provided by private Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and telecom companies, which are not part of municipal infrastructure. Even though this is not part of our municipal mandate, we are taking several steps to enhance internet connectivity throughout the community.

We are working with the Region-owned YorkNet Telecom Network Inc. as they grow the Region’s high-speed dark-fiber network across York Region. YorkNet is taking an active role in applying for eligible program funding and has submitted applications under the Improving Connectivity for Ontario Program and the Universal Broadband Fund. While YorkNet does not provide direct service to residential users, the organization is working to expand fibre connectivity along all regional roads. This expanded fibre infrastructure will make it easier and more cost effective for private ISPs to expand their services to residents and businesses, especially in areas of the community that are currently under-served.

How are we helping?

The municipality has streamlined its internal approval processes when working with private internet service providers. This helps to expedite installation of fibre and wireless technology infrastructure. We have seen the positive impact of these streamlined processes with recent fibre to the home expansions in Sharon and ongoing fibre installations in Mount Albert.

Broadband Working Group

Broadband Working Group was established by Council in 2019 and consists of volunteer members of the community with relevant technical knowledge and an interest in expanding reliable, affordable broadband. This group meets regularly with ISPs and other stakeholders to identify opportunities to leverage new technologies and to encourage expansion of broadband services across the community.

Broadband Expansion Update - May 28, 2021

The Government of Canada announced it is investing over $192,000 through the Universal Broadband Fund to bring high-speed internet to the residents of East Gwillimbury and Vaughan in partnership with Bell. The EG portion of the project will provide a fibre-based, high speed internet to 44 underserved homes in the Callwood Court area of Ward Three. 

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East Gwillimbury Broadband Strategy 2020-2025

Digital connections wrapping around the world

To learn more about current efforts in support of broadband expansion, you can view the Broadband Working Group strategic plan here.  

Service providers

Looking for an internet provider? Below is a list of internet service available in East Gwillimbury. Please contact them to find out if service is available in your area. Note: The below list has been compiled for resident convenience, the Town does not endorse or recommend any of the following providers. 

  • Bell - Website | 1 (866) 210-7060
  • FiberSpeed - Website | 1 (866) 342-3711
  • RuralWave - Website | (705) 432-8468
  • Securitele - Website | 1 (866) 300-4524
  • Starlink - Website
  • Vianet - Website | 1 (800) 788-0363
  • Xplornet - Website | 1 (877) 969-3152

Wi-fi access hotspots

East Gwillimbury residents and visitors can enjoy free internet access outside of the Civic Centre, Holland Landing Community Centre, and Ross Family Complex. Signage and barricades have been installed at each facility that identify the location of the Wi-Fi access areas within each parking lot. Those interested in connecting to the Wi-Fi hotspots must park in one of the designated parking spots to connect to the internet:

The Wi-Fi hotspots can be accessed within 12 meters at the following locations:

  • Civic Centre - front entrance visitor parking spaces
  • Holland Landing Community Centre - front entrance facing the windows
  • Ross Family Complex - front entrance facing the windows


Questions may be directed to the Town's Economic Development Team