The Town of East Gwillimbury (EG) is a thriving community home to many excellent open spaces and outdoor amenities. EG has created a Parks Design Standards Manual (PDSM) to provide guidelines to design and maintain high-quality parklands and recreational facilities.


The purpose of the PDSM is to set community standards for all outdoor leisure amenities. This document provides staff, Council, and development partners guidelines for designing and maintaining community parks and open spaces.

This manual provides guidelines for the following future and existing amenities:

  • Community centres
  • Arts and culture facilities
  • Outdoor athletic fields
  • Parks and trails

This document helps us recognize our commitment to support healthy and active lifestyles and to connect residents with nature. Here are some objectives we have in place for the planning of the growing community:

  • Ensure a suitable land-base for recreation facilities that connect to nature for diverse open spaces.
  • To ensure sustainable designs and management of parks and open spaces.
  • Incorporate parks and environmental areas into EG's residents' lives.

Parks and open spaces in EG offer recreational opportunities while promoting the conservation of natural heritage. We seek to provide variety within these parklands to give you the opportunities for:

  • Environmental appreciation and education
  • Enjoyment of outdoor family activities
  • Participation in a diversity of recreational pursuits, cultural events, and athletic competitions.

About the manual

The PSDM is organized in three sections. The manual provides expectations for parkland conveyance and development for the community and its stakeholders.

 Section 1 : Community Planning Context and General Guidelines
Section 1 sets-out general policy directions and guidelines for parks.
 Section 2 : Park Design and Development
Section 2 describes performance standards and servicing requirements for development of parkland to the municipality.
 Section 3 : Park Facilities and Construction Standard Detail

Section 3 provides a collection of baseline construction details and facility layout requirements to guide the development of parks and open spaces.

The Town of EG has created this parkland policy framework through the Community Parks, Recreation & Cultural Master Plan, and the Official Plan.

Why it is important

Parks and open spaces play a vital role in the structure of our community and the planning of future growth. This document helps us recognize our commitment to support healthy and active lifestyles and connect residents with nature.

Through responsible community planning, parklands and open spaces will be an essential component of the continued preservation and development of EG's high quality of life and cultural identity.

Contact information

For further information or if you have any questions please contact the Parks Department.