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Parks Design Standards Manual


The Town of East Gwillimbury has established a parkland policy framework through the Community Park, Recreation & Cultural Master Plan in conjunction with the Official Plan and its supporting documents. These policy documents of the Town respond to the goal of designing and maintaining parks and open spaces in an integrated and balanced manner. The recommendations of the Master Plan set out community standards and targets for the provision of recreational facilities for the growing municipality. These recommendations are established through the review of leisure trends and needs; and through consultation with community user groups and local stakeholders in parks and recreation for East Gwillimbury. Along with standards and targets for indoor recreational facilities such as community centres and community use arts and culture facilities, criteria are also established for the provision of outdoor athletic fields, parkland, trails and outdoor leisure amenities through this new Parks Design Standards Manual. This document is intended to provide guidelines and standards for the dedication and development of these parks and open space facilities.

The planning of the growing community includes the following essential objectives:

  • to establish sustainability in design and management of parks and open spaces;
  • to ensure a suitable land-base for structured recreation facilities that is also connected with natural features and the greenlands framework of the town for a diversified parks and open space system;
  • to provide a strategic distribution of parks and recreation facilities ensuring services to the separate and distinct areas of the municipality;
  • to underwrite the successful integration of parks, open spaces and environmental areas into the daily lives of all East Gwillimbury residents.

Parks and open spaces of the town shall offer active and passive recreational opportunities while promoting the stewardship and conservation of the natural heritage system. The Town seeks to provide true variety within the parks and open space system for the purposes of offering all residents the opportunities for environmental appreciation and education, the enjoyment of outdoor family activities, and participation in a diversity of recreational pursuits, cultural events and athletic competitions. The parks and open space system provides a vital role in the structure of the existing community and in the planning of future community growth. Parks and open spaces will be dedicated and designed to support the existing character of distinct communities and local identities. Through the processes of responsible community planning and growth, the disposition of parkland and open space shall be an integral component of the continued preservation and development of the high quality of life and cultural identity of the Town of East Gwillimbury.

Purpose of the Manual

This Parkland Standards Design Manual has been prepared as a working document in three sections. The manual provides a starting point for clear and consistent communication with regard to expectations for parkland conveyance and development for the community and its stakeholders.

· Section 1 sets-out general policy directions and guidelines for parks;

· Section 2 describes performance standards and servicing requirements for development interests in the delivery of parkland to the municipality;

· Section 3 provides a compendium of baseline construction details and facility layout requirements to guide the development of parks and open spaces.

Sports & Recreation Fields - DWG 100

~ Planting - DWG 200
~ Paving - DWG 300
~ Site Furnishings - DWG 400
~ Fencing - DWG 500
~ Drainage & Earthworks - DWG 600
~ Structures - DWG 700


The manual is intended as a parks planning tool to assist Council, municipal staff members, community representatives and development partners in the creation of a sustainable and diverse parkland and open space system. The development of the parkland and open space system is intended to be an integral part of supporting the rich and valued environmental setting of East Gwillimbury. The manual is also intended to assist staff and development partners in the process of creating high quality and aesthetically valuable landscapes for development applications in response to the urban design goals of the municipality.

For further information or if you have any questions please contact Parks & Leisure Services.