A Draft Plan of Subdivision application is when a private property is divided into multiple lots/blocks to construct new residential or non-residential development on each lot or block. The approved Plan of Subdivision is a legal survey refer to as the “M-Plan” and shows the following:

  • How the property has been subdivided (lot frontage of each lot and area of the blocks)
  • Information on municipal infrastructure (water, sewer servicing and roads)
  • Any natural features, parks, or school sites

Typically, a Plan of Subdivision is approved with conditions. The conditions include information and technical studies on how and when the parcel of land can be developed. Lastly, the Plan of Subdivision is subject to an agreement registered on title between the Town and the Owner to ensure the proposed Plan of Subdivision will be developed as approved by Council/ Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.

When is a Draft Plan of Subdivision application required?

A Plan of Subdivision is required when you are proposing to divide a large parcel of lands into three or more smaller parcels and requires a new municipal or private road. If you are unclear if you require a Plan of Subdivision, please speak with Planning staff or a local private planning consultant for more guidance.

How is a Draft Plan of Subdivision application evaluated?

Before a Plan of Subdivision can be approved, it must demonstrate the following:

  • The land is suitable for its proposed new use
  • The proposal conforms to the Town's Official Plan and Zoning By-law
  • It confirms to the provincial legislation and policies
  • The surrounding communities are protected from development which are inappropriate or may cause adverse impact or undue strain on community facilities and services

Process for a Draft Plan of Subdivision application (~9 months)

When you apply for a Draft Plan of Subdivision application, you must have your proposed subdivision reviewed by the Development Review Committee. The more information provided; the less likely delays will occur in the review.

Staff must review your application within 30 days of receiving it, to determine if the application is complete or incomplete. If there is failure to do so, you can make a motion to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) for a determination if the application is complete. The applicant has 30 days to make a motion to the LPAT for a determination on the matter. The LPAT's decision is final.

The proposed Draft Plan of Subdivision is circulated to both internal department and external agencies such as York Region and Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority for review.

A public planning meeting is scheduled to introduce the proposed application.

Once Planning staff has enough information available to render a recommendation, a recommendation report to taken to Council for their consideration. If Town Council refuses or fails to consider your application within 210 days (approximately 7 months) after the requested information and material is submitted, you may bring the proposed application to the LPAT for a decision.

If approved, there is a 20-day period which a party can appeal Council's approval to LPAT.

Can you amend an approved Plan of Subdivision?

Yes, an approved Plan of Subdivision may be amended after its approval.

If the amendment is considered to be minor technical/ administrative in nature, staff have the authority to make such changes to the approved plan.

Council must approve the changes if the amendment is deemed to be significant and can impact the overall Plan of Subdivision (i.e., change in the number of lots or draft plan conditions could not be satisfied within the approved timeframe).

Application form and guide

Please use the application form and guide for your Draft Plan of Subdivision. This document is available in other formats, please contact the Planning Branch to request. 

Application Fees

Please see EG's Fees and Charges page for the latest application fee associated with the Draft Plan of Subdivision application. 

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