Although telecommunication towers are located within the Town of East Gwillimbury (EG), final decisions are made by the Federal government (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) under the Radiocommunication Act. To ensure that any proposed telecommunication towers follow Federal regulations, EG has established a Telecommunication Tower Protocol and application process to ensure the public process has been followed and consideration has been made to minimize any negative impact.

EG's Telecommunication Tower Protocol

EG has adopted a protocol as required by the Federal government on telecommunication towers.

This document is available in other formats, please contact the Planning Branch to request.

Process for a new telecommunication tower

For details of the process please see the Town's protocol. Here is a quick summary of the review process.

Step 1 - Preliminary consultation

Begin with a preliminary consultation with Town staff before you (the applicant) make a formal application. Please submit a cover letter, draft site plan and elevation plan for the Preliminary consultation.

Include these items in your cover letter:

Describe the proposed tower facility including height and dimension and any antenna that may be mounted on the supporting structure.

Identify all tower facilities within the vicinity.

Show the coverage and capacity of the existing and proposed tower.

Demonstrate the possibility of co-location.

Staff will provide you with some preliminary comments and the submission requirements.

Step 2 - Formal submission

Staff will review the proposed application and ensure all the required documentation and fees are submitted (~1 week).

Once the application is complete, Staff will distribute it to the relevant Town departments and external agencies for comments.

Step 3 - Public consultation process

It is the applicant's responsibility to host and Chair a public information session. You will provide your own venue and notice. This process must be competed within 120 days of the proposal being accepted as complete by the Town.

Staff will provide a list of property owners that need to be notified.

You will give notice to the following:

  • All property Owner within 120m or 3x the tower height measured from the further point of the tower facility.
  • Town Council
  • Industry Canada Regional Office
  • Town Planning staff

Addressing public concerns

It is your responsibility to collect any concerns from the public, provide a response and allow the party to reply to your responses.

You will need to keep a record of all correspondence and provide that to Town staff and Industry Canada.

Step 4 - Council decision

Once the public consultation period has been completed, you will be able to bring the proposal for Council decision. Please note that Federal Canada will be making the final decision. Council will only provide Federal Canada with a recommendation letter called, “Letter of Concurrence”. Sometimes, the Letter of Concurrence may include conditions that the applicant must follow prior to the construction of the Tower.

Step 5 - Final decision from Federal Canada

Once the Letter of Concurrence has been sent to Industry Canada, Industry Canada will work provide the final decision to you. It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify the final decision from Industry Canada prior to any construction.

How are telecommunication towers evaluated?

Details of the Town's criteria are discussed in the protocol under section 5.0. Here is a list of topics that are taken under consideration:

  • Co-location
  • Preferred/ discouraged locations
  • Style and colour
  • Buffering and screening
  • Yards, parking, and access
  • Signage and lighting

Are telecommunication towers safe?

All telecommunication towers must meet Health Canada's Safety Code 6. For details and discussion on what Safety Code 6 is, visit Health Canada's Radiofrequency Exposure Guidelines.

Application form

Please use the application form for your Telecommunication Tower.

This document is available in other formats, please contact the Planning Branch to request.

Application Fees

Please see EG's Fees and Charges page for the latest application fee associated with the Telecommunication Tower application.

Other Relevant Information

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