Every individual or corporate constructor requires a road occupancy permit to work on the roadway. The roadway is defined as the registered public right-of-way from street line to street line (property line). This includes the travelled roadway portion plus the boulevard.

Where do I apply?

Permit applications can be dropped off at the Town of East Gwillimbury's Civic Centre or emailed to the Community Infrastructure and Environmental Services (CIES) department.  

Please Note: In-person applications are currently not being accepted due to COVID-19.

What is a Road Occupancy Permit?

A Road Occupancy Permit enables EG to ensure the applicant is adequately experienced and insured to work on the road and that all safety precautions are followed, and Town infrastructure is protected where the temporary obstruction, occupation, or encumbrance of part or all of a roadway is required.

How do I apply for a Road Occupancy Permit?

  1. Fill out the prescribed Application for Road Occupancy.
    Alternate formats of the application are available, if required, please email the CIES department for assistance.
  2. Submit the completed Form by email to CIES a minimum of 10 business days prior to work commencing.
  3. Prior to the permit application being approved, all utility and service locates must be requested through Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255. Our Roads division will conduct a site visit to determine its condition prior to any occupancy taking place.
  4. The applicant will agree to and sign off on the site condition before final permit issuance.
  5. The permit and locates must be available on site, always, for viewing by the Town representative.


Fees for Road Occupancy Permits vary based on the work that is required. Please contact 905-478-4283 ext. 1242 for more information regarding fees; the applicant is responsible for the proper maintenance of the section of road occupied and will be held financially responsible for any clean-up required and/or any damage which occurs. The site must be restored to the original condition or better to the satisfaction of the Town representative.