In East Gwillimbury (EG), you might need Site Plan approval or exemption for your proposed development before getting a building permit or starting construction.

What is the purpose of Site Plan approval?

The purpose of Site Plan approval is to review the following, if applicable:

  • Location and design of building and structures
  • Complement the existing urban and landscape design including natural environment
  • Traffic control and movements such as parking and loading
  • Engineering standards including servicing, waste management
  • Heritage compatibility/ preservation

Types of Site Plan approval

There are 2 categories of Site Plan approval:

  • Council approval 
  • Staff delegated approval

What is a Council approved Site Plan?

These Site Plan applications are significant in scale and scope and may have greater impact beyond the subject lands. They require approval from Town Council and a full Site Plan agreement registered on title. Studies, plans, reports and additional agreements may be required as part of these applications. The typical timeframe for a Council approved site application is 4 to 6 months.

What is a Staff approved Site Plan?

To speed up Site Plan approval, Council gave staff the authority to approve site plan applications that are generally smaller in scale and have little to no significant impact on adjoining lands and the lands themselves.

To speed up the development process, there are 3 different levels of staff approved site plan applications that may help you get your approval faster. You will only have to apply for one of the three levels. Staff will determine which level is best for your proposal at pre-consultation.

Level 1 - Exemption application

Level 2 - Basic application

Level 3 - Standard application

Level 1 – Exemption application

This application has minimal to no impact and does not require an agreement. The intent of this application is to ensure the proposed development meets the zoning by-law requirements and other municipal standards. The typical timeframe for approval is 2 to 3 weeks.

Level 2 – Basic application

This application generally has less impact to the area but requires additional technical information with a simplified agreement.

Technical information may include drawings such as grading plan, landscape plan and site plan or technical studies such as natural heritage evaluation or a parking study. These studies would generally support the proposed development with no conditions.

The intent of the simplified agreement is to ensure the proposed construction will be developed as per the drawings and studies shown. The agreement will be registered on title.

The typical timeframe for approval is 2 to 3 months.

Level 3 – Standard application

This application is minor in nature but requires studies and agreements. Similar to a Level 2 – Basic Application, this type of application would have more complicated matters. There are more drawings that would be required, and the studies would typically include conditions to ensure the development can occur according to the applicable standards.

An agreement registered on title would be required.

The typical timeframe for approval is 3 to 4 months.

Application fees

Please see EG's Fees and Charges page for the latest application fees associated with the different levels of site plan application. Please note that Legal Services charges a legal registration fee of the agreement in addition to the Planning application fee.

Application form and guide

Please use the Application Form and Guide for your Site Plan approval.
This document is available in other formats. To request, please email the Planning Branch

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