A vast percentage of land in East Gwillimbury is low-lying terrain that creates perfect mosquito breeding sites each spring.  Therefore, during the month of April, a non-chemical substance is applied to the main breeding sites of the Spring Aedes species of mosquitoes across East Gwillimbury. The breeding sites are wet larval habitats where mosquito larvae develop prior to becoming flying, biting adult mosquitoes.

Product used

The spray used is natural bacteria known as Bti. Bti biodegrades in the breeding sites within 48 hours. Bti is harmless to humans, pets, and the environment. Bti is also known by Vectobac.

Take the time to view the educational YouTube video entitled "Biological Larvicides: The Natural Solution" for additional information. For further information please visit or visit Health Canadas website.

What can you do at home?

There are various options available for you to manage mosquitoes on your property. Follow these tips to limit mosquitoes at home:  

Protect yourself - Take precautions when outside in the early morning and early evening when mosquitoes are more active. If possible, wear long sleeved shirts or jackets, long pants, and socks when outdoors. Use insect repellent containing DEET when outdoors and apply it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Prevent breeding sites:

Prevent mosquito breeding sites by removing standing water around your homeMosquitoes like to lay their eggs in standing water and it is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos. It is important to clean standing water from all areas around your home. 

Empty containers where water collects including:

1. Changing water in bird baths weekly 

2. Empty and refill pet water bowls often 

3. Turn over items such as wheelbarrows 

4. Unclog drainage ditches 

5. Ensure rain barrels are fitted with a tight screen 

6. Clean out eaves, gutters and drains 

7. Drill holes in the bottom of containers and tire swings so water can’t collect 

8. Trim and maintain your lawn and shrubs  

9.Turn over wading pools when not in use 

Swimming Pools and Ponds: 

The water in swimming pools and ponds can provide a potential breeding location for mosquitoes if the water is allowed to remain stagnant.  

  1. Ensure proper maintenance of pools 

  2. Remove water that collects on pool and hot tub covers 

  3. Circulate water in ornamental ponds



Reports submitted annually prove in scientific terms what most East Gwillimbury resident know already! The mosquito control program is highly successful. Biting activity is reduced 75%. The larvae population in treated ponds is reduced 100%.

Don't expect 100% elimination of mosquitoes as a result of our control program. There are several species of mosquitoes found in East Gwillimbury. The goal of this program is to reduce the biting activity to a tolerable level. Besides, if all the mosquitoes were destroyed, what would the bats and purple martins eat?