Barn Safety

Barn fires destroy buildings, livestock, vehicles, equipment and often cripple farming families. In Ontario alone farm fire’s estimate about $ 25 million – $ 60 million each year in structural losses. Inspect your barn and outbuildings to avoid risk of loss. 

Safety Tips
  • Keep any heat lamps and space heaters away from anything that can catch on fire.
  • All wiring is free from damage. If you notice wires are starting to fray have them replaced immediately.
  • Do not allow any smoking in barns or outbuilding that have flammable farm materials.
  • Ensure hay and straw are properly dried before storing in barns.
  • Keep dust and cobwebs to a minimum.
  • Store oil rags in a closed container away from all heat sources.
  • Have all exits clear and marked.
  • For horse barns leave horses haltered or hang halters and leads on stall doors in case an evacuation happens.
  • Include farm animals in your home escape plan. Have a designated person reasonable for the farm animals. 

For more barn safety tips, visit NFPA Barn Safety