Don’t forget about your furry family members when it comes to fire safety. They are just as likely to start a fire, 750 fires a year have had pets be a part of starting the fire including cooking, electrical wires, candles, and space heaters. We need to be careful with pets in our home and be prepared for emergency situations.

Brave fireman rescued redhead cat from fire. Firefighter hero save orange pet. Terrible emergency. Dangerous profession. Heroic flame fighter extinguish burning house. Courageous rescuer saving life.

Safety Tips
  • Pets are very similar to children and can be very curious, which can cause them to bump, knock or spill hot or flammable items. It is best to keep them off stove tops, counters, and tables.
  • Some young or old pets may like to chew on things and think they are toys. Watch your pets to make sure they don’t chew through wires and electrical cords.
  • Include your pet in your home escape plan. If a fire were to happen in your home who is responsible for helping to get your pet outside.
  • Always use temper glass or a screen around fireplaces.
  • Don’t leave candles burning when you leave the room. Things are easy to knock over which could cause a fire. Think about using flameless candles. They can provide the same ambiance as real ones. 

For more safety information and tips about pet safety visit NFPA Pet Safety