Boats and watercrafts can be a great source of summer entertainment and leisure. However, with all the fun activities there are always dangers you should be aware of. Before heading out into the waterways ensure you have all the required safety equipment on your watercraft.

If you plan safety, waterways and watercrafts can be a lot of fun.

In the event of an emergency call 9-1-1.

Asian mother helping her son to wear life jacket before playing in swimming pool, Selective focus.

Boating Safety 
  • Boat Smart, Boat Sober. There is no safe way to mix alcohol or drugs while operating a watercraft. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW. Arrange for the operator of the boat to enjoy non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Always check the weather conditions before you start your day if you are planning on enjoying the waters. Conditions can change quickly, especially on Lake Simcoe.
  • Always have Canadian approved flotation devices or life jacket (PFD) of appropriate size for each passenger on board. 
Marine Safety Equipment 

You are required by law to carry marine safety equipment.

  • Pleasure Craft Operator Card.
  • Buoyant having line at least 15 meters in length.
  • Water flashlight or Canadian approved flares.
  • Paddles.
  • Anchor with at least 15 meters of rope or chain.
  • Bailer or manual water pump.
  • Fire extinguisher. (Class 5 BC)
Water and Swimming Safety 

Yonge Children ages 1-4 and men ages 15-44 are at the greatest risk of drowning, keep everyone safe when swimming.

  • Always use the buddy system when swimming.
  • If you are not a strong swimmer, wear proper fitting PDF devices.
  • Be aware of currents in water ways.
  • Diving headfirst into water should be avoided in waters you aren’t sure of the depth.
  • Parents should always watch young children in the water. 

For more safety information and tips about water safety visit NFPA Marina and Boating or Canadian Red Cross

If you need help determining which Personal Floatation Device (PDF) is suitable for you please visit Red Cross Life Jackets