The Town of East Gwillimbury’s (EG’s) Emergency and Community Safety Services department is made up of three branches:

1. Community Education and Fire Prevention

The Community Education and Prevention branches are responsible for:

  • Fire and life safety programs
  • Inspection activities
  • Fire investigations
  • Fire code enforcement and plans review

We provide fire and life safety education through information sessions and presentations to businesses, schools, organizations, and community groups.

Community Education and Prevention Request Form


A firefighter demonstrates using a fire hose.Fire prevention staff conduct a fire safety inspection.

2. Training

The Training Branch is responsible for:

  • Development, coordination, and delivery of training programs needed for firefighters 

Training is always evolving and adapting with new techniques, equipment, and technology. Training remains an important part of the fire department's normal activities to ensure a state of readiness. With the large variety of situations to which the department responds to, it is important that all members of the department remain current in the areas of firefighting, rescue, automatic external defibrillation, CPR, and basic life support. In addition to the basic firefighting skills learned and continually trained on, there are many more in specific skills required for specialty/technical incidents.


 Firefighters practice ice water rescue skills.

Firefighters practice water tanker shuttle operations. 

3. Fire Suppression Operations

The operations branch responds to a variety of emergency incidents including:
  • Medical emergencies
  • Technical rescues
  • Motor vehicle collisions
  • Fire emergencies 


Personnel also assist with community education and prevention programs.


Firefighters breaking open a window Firefighters putting out a car fire