Sewer blockages on private property are the sole responsibility of the resident of that property. There are many factors that can cause sewer blockages at home, but some of the most common include:

  • flushing anything other than toilet paper.
  • pouring fats/oils/grease down the sink drains.
  • tree root infiltration.
I think I have a sewer blockage. What should I do?
If you suspect that your home may have a sewer blockage, it is recommended that you follow the steps below: 
  • If your toilet is not flushing properly, use a plunger to see if you can free the blockage.
  • Inspect your sinks, toilets, bathtubs and/or floor drains that are not draining properly. If the pipe that carries wastewater from your home (sewer lateral) to the sewer main is blocked, wastewater may be flowing out of the drain at the lowest point in your house.
  • Stop using any water (flushing toilets, running taps, doing laundry etc.) as this may cause sewer back-up to flow into your home.
  • Contact a certified plumber. Residents may use the Town’s preselected contractor, Braywood Services Ltd., to investigate and clear sewer blockages. To book an appointment or service request, contact Customer Service at 905-478-4282 or by email during regular business hours. If your matter is urgent and takes place afterhours, please call 1-833-643-0055
    • Residents are required to sign a Sewer Servicing Agreement prior to any work taking place. The signed Agreement is required for the contractor to perform work at your house and outlines that the resident is responsible for any applicable fees should the blockage be found to have originated on private property. Residents can expect to pay around $1,500 for these services*.
    • Residents must also call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 for a Sewer Safety Inspection, which ensures gas lines do not intersect the sewer pipes outside your home. The inspection is required prior to any work being completed and also prevents the risk of a gas leak and/or explosion. This inspection is provided at no cost to the resident.

*Should the blockage be found to have originated from Town property, the resident will not be charged for the clearing service. The Town will not reimburse residents for any previously completed work to inspect and/or clear blockages, regardless of property origin.