Ontario Drinking Water Protection Regulation Annual Water Quality Reports

Ontario Drinking Water System Regulation (O.Reg.170/03) under the Safe Drinking Water Act 2002, requires that the owner of a municipal drinking water system prepare an Annual Report on the operation of the system and the quality of its water by February 28 of each year. The Annual Reports cover the period from January 1 to December 31 for the preceding year.

The format for the Annual Report has been recommended by the MOE and includes the following information:

  • A brief description of the water system
  • A summary of chemical usage for treatment
  • A summary of improvements made to the water systems in the reporting period
  • A summary of water quality testing results for microbiological, inorganic chemical and organic chemical parameters
  • A summary of adverse water quality reports
  • A description of how the Annual Report has been distributed and where the Annual Report and Summary Report, required under O.Reg.170/03 Section 11 and Schedule 22, will be located in order to be accessible to the public.

The Town of East Gwillimbury owns and operates three large municipal residential drinking-water distribution systems, namely; "Holland Landing-Queensville-Sharon", "Mount Albert" and "Yonge/Green Lane". The Town of East Gwillimbury has prepared their Annual Water Quality Reports in pdf format as follows:

Holland Landing, Queensville and Sharon

Mount Albert

Yonge/Green Lane:

The water sources for the “Holland Landing-Queensville-Sharon” distribution system are four ground wells in Queensville and two ground wells in Holland Landing.

The two ground wells in Mount Albert are the water source for the “Mount Albert” distribution system.

The six ground wells in the Town of Newmarket and backup from the Aurora well supply system blended with Lake Ontario based surface water are the water source for the “Yonge/Green Lane” distribution system.

All the above-noted ground wells are owned and operated by York Region. To address the operation and well water quality are prepared by the York Region. Por more information regarding these wells. The Lake Ontario based surface water is treated and supplied by the City of Toronto, to view their Annual Reports or for more information on the surface water supply, please visit the City of Toronto's website

If you have any questions relating to the Town's drinking-water systems and their water quality sampling program should be directed to the CIES department.