The Town of East Gwillimbury's (EG's) Planning branch oversees heritage matters related to the identification and conservation of heritage properties in EG.

Planning staff work with the Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) to promote heritage conservation through the protection of heritage sites and implementing policies to guide changes in the area.

Heritage resources may include:

  • Buildings and structures
  • Landscapes and streetscapes
  • Artifacts and photographs

The Town is currently undertaking a Heritage Conservation District Study for the community of Sharon. For more information, please see our Sharon Heritage Conservation District page. 

Where are heritage properties in EG?

EG's heritage properties are maintained in the Heritage Register.

There are 392 properties in the Heritage Register, with 12 of those properties being designated.

You can view the Register of Cultural Heritage Properties to determine if a certain property is on the list.

This document is available in other formats, please contact Planning staff to request.

What is the difference between a listed and designated property?

A listed property has been identified to have potential heritage value.

A designated property has a legal status under the Ontario Heritage Act, to help protect its heritage value.

How do I remove my property off the Heritage Register?

Contact the Town's Heritage Planner to discuss if there is any historical or architectural value prior to making an application to the Heritage Advisory Committee.

Can I make changes to my property if it is listed on the Heritage Register?

Yes – renovations, additions and alterations to heritage buildings are generally permitted. Please contact the Town's Heritage Planner prior to submitting your building permit to find out how to obtain heritage approval.

Please note that in accordance with Section 27(3) of the Ontario Heritage Act, owners are required to provide the Town at least 60 days notice in writing of their intention to demolish or remove a building or structure on a listed heritage property.

Heritage Advisory Committee

The Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) makes recommendations to Council on all matters relating to the conservation of buildings of historic or architectural value.

Other Relevant Information

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