The information provided by the Town of East Gwillimbury (EG) on this page is intended only as a guide. Applicants should review the by-laws and consult with the Development Finance Department to determine the charges and fees that may apply to specific development proposals.

You may be required to pay Development Charges for any residential or non-residential development if you are:  

  • erecting a new (not replacement) building(s)
  • making an addition or alteration to an existing building(s) which increases the gross floor area or number of units
  • redeveloping a property or properties which result in a change of use

Unless otherwise provided by agreement, a development charge is calculated and payable in full, on the date of issuance of a building permit, for development on land to which a development charge applies.

Pursuant to the Development Charges Act, the municipality is authorized to collect Development Charges on behalf of the Regional Municipality of York and the York Catholic and Public District School Boards. The rates are subject to indexing in accordance with the various by-laws. Each jurisdiction is responsible for setting the rates of its own Development Charges, indexing and for determining any exemptions. For inquiries dealing with calculations and exemptions, each jurisdiction should be contacted regarding their respective development charge by-laws.

Proposed Amendment Study

Current Charges

Previous Studies and By-laws

For inquiries regarding development charges, each jurisdiction should be contacted with respect to their development charge by-laws. The contact persons are listed below:

Contact information

Town of East Gwillimbury        

Chelsea Huber 
(905) 478-4283 ext. 1295         

York Region

Paul Simas
1-(877)-464-9675 ext. 71633

School Boards

Tom Pechkovsky 
(416) 221-5051 ext. 2374