Part Lot Control is a planning tool provided by the Province to help municipalities, like East Gwillimbury (EG), prevent further dividing of lots or blocks within a registered plan of subdivision.

When is a Part Lot Control Exemption required?

If you wish to sell or subdivide a lot or a block within a registered plan of subdivision, then you will require an exemption from Part Lot Control. Town Council is the approval authority to exempt lands within a registered plan of subdivision from part lot control to:

  • Divide lands into smaller parcels
  • Establish maintenance easements - established by Reference Plans

Part Lot Control Exemption Applications are usually applied to finalize the development of townhouses and semi-detached dwellings. Typically, the property lines between the dwelling units for semi-detached and townhouses have not been established. The Part Lot Control Exemption Application helps to establish those centerlines between the dwelling units.

Process for an exemption to Part Lot Control (PLC)

When applying for an exemption to PLC, please pre-consult with Planning staff before you submit your application. The application will include:

  • Applicable Fees
  • Cover letter describing the application
  • The Registered Plan of Subdivision
  • The Reference Plan
  • Surveyor's frontage and lot area certificate

The proposed PLC is circulated to internal departments for review. Once Planning staff have enough information available to render a recommendation, a recommendation report is taken to Council for consideration.

Council's decision is final and there is no appeal process for PLC.

Application Fees

Please see EG's Fees and Charges page for the latest application fee associated with the Part Lot Control application. Please note that Legal Services charges an administrative fee in addition to the planning application fee.

Other Relevant Information

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