What is a tax certificate and when would I require one?

A tax certificate is a legal document that any person(s), lawyer, or bank can purchase at any time. This certificate will show the annual tax amount(s) on a property, any current or previous amount(s) owing, and any local improvements billed to the property. The Town of East Gwillimbury also includes water certificate information on this document. This will show if the property is on municipal water/ sewer, any amount(s) billed and/or owing as of the date of the request.

A tax certificate is most often requested when a property is being sold, by either parties’ lawyer. However, they are also used when a property is being refinanced or to confirm the status on an account. These differ from a statement of account as the certificate provides a more comprehensive description of taxes levied to a property, any liens placed on the property, as well as the water/ sewer information for the property.

Requesting a tax certificate

A tax certificate can be ordered by submitting your request in writing along with a cheque for $138.50 to the Tax department, located at 19000 Leslie Street, Sharon. If you would like the certificate emailed upon receipt, please provide an email in your request that the certificate can be mailed to.

Please include the property address/ location, legal description, and assessment roll number if applicable. If this information is not available, it may be obtained from either the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), by phone at 1-866-296-MPAC (6722) or from the Town of East Gwillimbury’s Tax department.

Please note: The Town of East Gwillimbury currently does not accept credit cards for payment.  If you are dropping off your certificate request to the Town’s Customer Service desk, you may pay by cash or debit. For written requests sent by mail, payment is accepted by cheque only.