The Town of East Gwillimbury (EG) issues approval and building permits for accessory apartments in EG. Before moving forward, please contact Town staff to review the steps and requirements are involved. An example of what you need are:

  • enough parking spaces
  • enough sewer or septic capacity

There are three steps to getting an Accessory Apartment:

Check your Zoning

Check the zoning to make sure that a secondary unit/accessory apartment is allowed in your zone. Email the Planning Branch with the address of the property to check.

Apply for your building permit

Apply for your building permit

Standard building permit fees will apply with an additional fee of $1,558.00 for legal registration of the accessory dwelling unit at time of building permit application.

You can also see the Province's guide for adding a second unit for more information, including what is considered a second unit, requirements, and the process for adding one. 

Provincial Guide - Add a second unit in your house