COVID-19 Update: Effective September 22, the province is requiring anyone 12 years of age and older to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to access recreation facilities. For details on what this means in EG, visit the Community Centres page for more information. Program and drop-in participants are asked to fill out a Covid-19 Screening Form before entering the building.

EG offers a variety of programs for adults and seniors! Recreational programs are a great way to stay fit, improve cognitive ability, and reduce stress. Find the perfect program for you and start reaping the benefits today. All adult and older adult fitness programs run at the following locations:

You can find a full list of our adult and older adult programs in our virtual guide on our Health and Active Living Guide page.

New programs

Check back here to stay up to date on seasonal programs and activities that are offered throughout the year!


Please visit our Recreation and Leisure Programs page for important registration information and instructions on registering for a program.


For more information, contact our Recreation Services Team.