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Slow down EG! Safer streets with slower speeds are coming to a neighbourhood near you!

The Town of East Gwillimbury (EG) is lowering the speed limits across the Town from 50km/h to 40km/h. 

New Speed limit signs

Gateway speed-limit signs coming to East Gwillimbury

Gateway speed-limit signs, will soon be installed throughout EG. Gateway speed-limit signs mark the beginning and end of areas where the new lower speed limit is applied. The Town Council approved their use at their July 28, 2021, meeting.

New provincial legislation allows municipalities to use the signs wherever speed limits are less than 50 km/h. The Town will install signs on local roads in residential areas and on collector roads with speed limits of 40 km/h.

The Entry Gateway Speed Limit Sign identifies the beginning of a legal speed limit that applies to all roadways within an area.  The Exit Gateway Speed Limit Sign marks the end of the lower speed limit. All streets that fall within the posted entry sign and exit sign are designated with the same speed limit identified on the gateway signs. Samples of Gateway Speed Limit Entry and Exit Signs are shown below: 

Implementation strategy for the 40km/h speed limit signs on town roads

All local Town subdivision roads with 50km/h posted speed limit be reduced to 40km/h. Currently there are approximately 292 local and collector roads including unassumed roads with a 50km/h posted speed limit. Two approaches will be adopted to implement the Town wide 40km/h posted speed limit as follows:

  • New subdivisions - signs will be installed through development at the time of construction.
  • Existing subdivisions/communities – community gateway signage will be installed at entry and exit points to the community area as this will allow for uniformity of speed limits within those communities. There will also be some additional internal speed signs in strategic locations to remind motorists of the 40km/h speed limit on roads as required.

The intention is to commence and complete the signage installation in each community area before proceeding to the next community to ensure an orderly progression. Town wide installation outside of the new development areas is expected by year end. However, should unforeseen circumstances arise, the sign installation would be completed in Spring 2022.


For questions, you can email the Senior Traffic & Transportation Technologist.