What is an Application for an Entrance Approval?

An Application for an Entrance Approval is a process by which the Town investigates requests for entrances onto Town roads. It is imperative that the Town staff research and investigate applications for entrance approval to ensure the proper construction of the entranceway and culvert/drainage works associated with the project as well as to ensure proper location of the entrance in regard to line of sight, distance to intersections and other infrastructure as well as traffic control & safety considerations.

Where do I apply?

To apply for an Entrance Approval, please email Customer Service.

How do I apply?

Note: The applicant should be the owner of the property for which the entrance is being requested. If the applicant is not the owner, then a signed document issued by the owner indicating the authority of the applicant as a representative of the owner in the matter of the entrance approval must accompany the application.

  1. Fill out the prescribed Application for Entrance Approval.
  2. Submit the completed Form to the Permit Administrator in person at the CIES department counter.
  3. The Permit Administrator reviews the accuracy and completion of the form.
  4. The application will be forwarded to the Roads division for project evaluation and requirements
  5. The Roads division representative will contact the applicant to discuss the project and outline any associated costs.
  6. All work on Town property will be performed by the Town at the applicant's expense.
  7. The requirements and associated costs of each application are site specific and construction of the entrance must be paid in full to the Town prior to the start of work.

Application Fee

Each Application for Entrance Approval will be unique therefore the costs associated with the individual projects must be determined on a case-by-case basis. The various costs will be associated with but not limited to the following:

  • Town staff and equipment or contracted services as required
  • Aggregate material and fill requirements
  • Culverts and associated drainage work requirements
  • Finishing materials requirements