Looking to start or grow your business in East Gwillimbury (EG)? The below links will assist you with developing the appropriate permits and licenses required in EG.

BiZPal – Online Permits and Licensing

BizPaL is a one-stop online service that allows you, the entrepreneur or business owner, a central place to find all the permit and licence information needed to start or grow your business.

Once you input the requested business information and details about your proposed business activities, BizPal will automatically generate a complete list of permits and licences required from the Town, province, and federal government.

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Business Licensing Application Forms

The By-law department is responsible for the issuance of certain business licences and they are listed below with the applicable fee:

Business Licensing Application Forms
Application FormFee
Salvage Yard Application $252.70

Refreshment Vehicle Application



Special Event: $86.60

Kennel and Animal Daycare Application and Renewal

Kennel: $346.20

Kennel Renewal: $230.80

Animal Daycare: $173.10

Animal Daycare Renewal: $121.20

Pet Store Application and Renewal 

Pet Store: $173.10

Renewal: $121.20

Taxi Licence Application Please contact the Bylaw Department

 Please contact the By-law Department for application information at 905-478-4282 or by email.