File Number: OPA.20.04 and ZBA.20.08 

Applicant Name: Sharonvit Estates Inc. 

The applicant has made a second submission which is currently under review. The applicant has made the following revisions in response to Town, Agency and Public comments:

  • Height reduced from 8 storeys to 6 storeys
  • Building setback increased from 3m to 6m along north and south property lines
  • Density reduced from 4.07 FSI to 2.95 FSI
  • Gross floor area reduced from 22,701 square meters to 16,477 square meters
  • Number of residential units reduced from 258 to 208
  • Retail/commercial area reduced from 642 square meters to 393 square meters
  • Underground parking reduced from 3 storeys to 2 storeys
  • Parking spaces have been revised as a result of changes to the number of units
  • Amenity space has increased
  • Residential units now fronting on Leslie Street
  • Lobby entrance has been shifted to face Manor Hampton and Leslie Street
  • Indoor amenity space relocated
Current status
This application is currently under review. 

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