File Number: 19T-20212 & ZBA.21.07

Applicant Name: GHD Limited 

The applicant is proposing to permit a draft plan of subdivision and zoning bylaw amendment. 

Draft Plan of Subdivision

The development concept for the subject site is a residential plan of subdivision consisting of 31 single-detached units fronting on to the proposed Tyson Drive extension. A future development block is located on the north portion of the site fronting on to Mount Albert Road. A proposed Open Space Block is located south of the proposed residential development with a walkway access. Four Part Lots are also proposed on the plan that will require further discussion with the Town to be incorporated as additional lots.

Zoning By-law Amendment

The requested Zoning By-law Amendment seeks to rezone 291 Mount Albert Road from Rural (RU) Zone to Residential Two Sub-Zone Two (R2-2), Residential Three Sub-Zone Three (R2-3), Residential Two Sub-Zone Four (R2-4), Residential Four (R4) Zone, and Environmental Protection (EP) Zone.

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