York Regional Police Road Watch online reporting

If you observe an act of aggressive driving in York Region, report it. Reports can be filed online at York Regional Police website: Road Watch Report.

To safeguard against abuse, anonymous reports cannot be submitted. Your information remains confidential and is never shared with the owner of the vehicle you are reporting.

What happens once I submit a report?

  • The first time a report is received about a vehicle, York Regional Police will send the registered owner of the vehicle a letter informing them of the details of the incident. The letter will highlight the date and location that the incident occurred, the basis of the allegation and will encourage road safety.
  • A second report received about a vehicle will result in the registered owner being sent a second letter, which will be followed by a phone call from an officer.
  • A third report will result in an officer attending the address of the registered owner. The officer will then determine the appropriate course of action.

What is aggressive driving?

Aggressive driving includes speeding, following too closely, failing to yield, unsafe lane changes, unsafe passing and disobeying traffic signs and signals.

You can do your part by setting an example of good driving habits. Our roads can be safe if we all take responsibility.

Driving is a privilege. If you are a thrill seeker, think twice before you put your foot on the accelerator. Selfish moments of speeding and aggressive driving can have a permanent effect on someone's life. Slow down and stay in control.