As the Town continues to grow and evolve, there is an opportunity to create a Town logo to complement the Town's official coat of arms and reflect the character of East Gwillimbury. The official coat of arms would continue to be an important part of the Town's culture and would remain as the Official Seal of the Town and be utilized on formal documents and signs.

New Town Logo & Official Coat of Arms 

On November 3, 2020, East Gwillimbury Council approved the use of the following logo to work in partnership with the Town's Official Coat of Arms. 

New logo for the Town of East Gwillimbury       Old logo for Town of East Gwillimbury


On April 16, 2019 Council requested that staff undertake a public process to create a Town logo. As part of Council's strategic priority to be fiscally responsible, the project focused on engaging East Gwillimbury residents, advisory committees, students and design community to explore options for creating a Town logo.

Since April 2019, the Town underwent an extensive public process to shape the development of the logo. By using this process, the total cost of creating the logo was less than $10,000. This is in comparison to many other organizations that spend $150,000 to $200,000 to conduct this engagement exercise and create a design. 

The roll out of the new logo will occur over a phased-in period, being incorporated as documents, signage and items require updating to avoid unnecessary expenditures.

By focusing on a cost-effective program, the Town was able to successfully engage the expertise readily available in the community and has created a logo to be proud of. 

Public Engagement Process 

Phase One – Public Feedback, April – September 2019

Residents of all skill levels and backgrounds were invited to share their feedback on creating a Town logo and provide proposed design concepts for a logo. Following the receipt of feedback and the design proposals, the Town launched a contest for the public to submit concept designs based on the public's design criteria. 

Phase Two - Logo Concept Contest - October 1 - 31, 2019

The logo concept design contest received a total of 66 submissions from 23 designers. Two preferred design concepts were identified. They were combined to create the winning design.  Both designers were selected as the winners of the contest and awarded with $2,500 each. The two designs and winners of the contest are Holly deWinter and Stephen Smith.

Phase Three - Final Public Consultation Process

A final Logo feedback survey was held to receive feedback on the combined design logo options in August 2020. From that feedback, final tweaks were made to the design and the final logo was created.