FAIR EG is a subsidy program created by the Town to provide an opportunity for Fair, Accessible, and Inclusive Recreation (FAIR) for everyone.

FAIR EG provides families with discounts on Town recreation camps and programs. The discount is based on the number of members in the household as well as household income on a sliding scale.

How do I apply?

The FAIR EG process is completely confidential, respectful, and dignified.

Fill out a FAIR EG application or contact our Recreation Services Team and we can assist you.


For more information, contact our Recreation Services Team by email or call 905-478-3826 ext. 1236.

FAIR EG for Seniors

The Town of East Gwillimbury now offers a new fee assistant program called FAIR EG Seniors to ensure seniors can participate in recreation opportunities in their community.

How do I apply?

FAIR EG Seniors was designed to remove financial barriers, promote inclusiveness, and provide accessible recreational opportunities for Seniors.

The FAIR EG Seniors process is completely confidential, respectful, and dignified. Fill out a FAIR EG Application Form or contact our Recreational Services Team.

Click here to fill out the Seniors FAIR EG Application Form

York Region Subsidy Programs 

York Region offers assistance to low income individuals/families. To find out if you are eligible, please click here.

York Region Funding 

Eligible – Residents 4-17 years old
Criteria – Application and must qualify through the Region of York by calling 1-888-703-5437, proof of receiving subsidy (CCFS with income <$36,000, OW, ODSP, ACSD, RGI).  Only need to apply once ever school calendar year.

Frequency – once per session 
Contact – 1-877-464-9765 ext. 72070