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Strategic priority

Provide affordable programs and services which celebrate our quality of place, culture, heritage, and natural environment while promoting a healthy, inclusive, and safe community

Strategic actions

  • Continue to develop high quality programs that promote healthy and active living that encompass the diverse interests of our residents
  • Provide programs and services that are inclusive, affordable, and accessible to all residents
  • Continue to build and leverage natural heritage features, allowing residents to connect with the environment
  • Continue to advocate for a safe and livable community for our residents while leveraging opportunities and partnerships
  • Continue to support and promote the arts, culture and heritage of East Gwillimbury

2021 projects

This portion of the website will continue to be updated throughout the Term with relevant projects and plans.
  • Management of the 2021 COVID-19 Emergency Response and Recovery 
  • Utilize the 2020 Service Delivery Review to prioritize further modernization efforts to improve resident experience 
  • Complete the development and launch of two new user-friendly websites to enhance overall communications with residents and businesses
  • Launch the new eCommerce payment system, including the ability to virtually obtain dog licences, check tax/water accounts, and make payments online 
  • Complete system implementation and onboarding of pilot department for Enterprise Content Management System 
  • Work with N6s partners to further enhance intergovernmental partnerships with a focus on N6 joint initiatives and best practices, including ongoing peer to peer program
  • Holland Landing Downtown Revitalization – developing the working committee and project scoping underway.
  • Fleet Vehicle Replacements including a snow plow truck, garbage truck and 5 pick-up work trucks.
  • LED Streetlight conversion strategy – develop and approve strategy with Council in 2021
  • Implement an Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) to enhance customer service with increased options for payment and easy screening process to dispute tickets.
  • Streamline the Subdivision Agreement process to create clear requirements and timeline
  • Expand the use of modernization by developing a mapping tool to assist with resident inquiries and applications

2020 projects

  • Initiated and completed the following education/prevention programs, events, and campaigns:
    • Smoke/CO Alarm Program
    • Guidelight Program
    • Adapted education programs to meet guidelines and pandemic restrictions
  • Tanker Shuttle Accreditation renewed
  • Development and approval of the 2021 Business Plan and Budget with 0% tax levy increase and 2021 Water and Wastewater Budget with 0% rate increase
  • Oriole Drive project tendered, awarded and construction has commenced
  • Municipal Peak Performance Program recognized by the Institute of Public Administration of Canada for national award for innovative management
  • Completion of 3 out of 8 provincially funded modernization projects with remainder anticipated to be complete in 2021
  • Phase 2 of modernization and Service Delivery Review, complete
  • Purchased a replacement pumper truck, which is anticipated to be delivered in Fall 2021
  • Initiated specialty rescue training to all ECSS staff on confined space rescue, continued into 2021
  • Worked with York Region and Town water staff to develop and analyze water consumption data to locate non-revenue water loss and identify key areas for data improvements
  • Confirmed that the LSRCA would withdraw their appeal to the Town’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law
  • Responded to illegal Medical Cannabis Facilities in EG by enacting a Cannabis Interim Control By-law, prosecuting illegal sites and participating in the AMO Cannabis Regulation Working Group
  • Instituted new processes to improve customer experience for residents, stakeholders and Council, i.e. revised site plan process, improved notice signage for Committee of Adjustments applications, and updated development agreements.

  • Updated fees in the Planning Application Fee By-law

2019 projects

Community parks, recreation & culture

  • Five new parks opened in our community by end of summer 2019
  • Launched the Town’s first three day festival Tapestry of Taste Aug 9-11 in partnership with the Sharon Temple
  • Launched FAIR EG – Recreation Fee Subsidy program in March 2019
  • Expanded Engaged EG Volunteer Program to include additional training opportunities
  • Final year of Town’s Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) program on schedule and on budget
  • Operations Centre Phase 1 Construction Complete and Phase 2 facility construction has commenced
  • Health & Active Living Plaza public consultation sessions underway
  • Opened our newest staff office space, the Annex in May 2019
  • Completed the Civic Centre SmartFlower and Emergency Management Retro-fits

Community infrastructure & environmental services

  • Transportation (TMP) and Water Wastewater Master Plans are underway – Memorandum to Council scheduled for Q1/Q2 2020
  • Development Fee & By-law Review partnership with Corporate Services
  • Updating the Towns Traffic policies will coincide with the Transportation Master Plan Update in Q2/Q3 2020
  • The consolidation of the Towns Traffic & Parking By-laws was completed in Q4 of 2019 
  • Launching waste bag tag program in 2020
  • Maintain full compliance of drinking water license regulatory requirements
  • Construction projects, including asphalt resurfacing and miscellaneous concrete repairs are complete for 2019 locations
  • Mount Albert Water Meter Replacement complete Q4 2019

Development services

  • Implemented new processes to improve customer experience for residents, stakeholders and Council, e.g. revised the site plan process and improved notice signage for Committee of Adjustments applications
  • Updated and simplified development agreements

Emergency community safety services

  • Continue focus on Public education/Prevention programs, events and campaigns such as:
    • Beat the Heat
    • Emergency Services Camp
    • Emergency Preparedness Week
    • Accessory Apartment Workshop for Realtors
    • Evening with the Firefighters – Southlake Auction
    • Guidelight Program
  • Received Firehouse Sub Grant Public Safety Foundation to support and enhance programs
  • Aerial pumper/driver training
  • Company Officer development
  • Corporate Emergency Management Training
  • Paid on-Call Recruit training
  • Aerial Apparatus Delivered
  • Emergency Plan and By-law Update (Annual Compliance update)
  • 2019 Emergency Management Compliance on track    
  • Tanker Shuttle Accreditation Planning
  • Traffic/parking by-law update planned for September 2019
  • Idling Control By-law approved in July 2019
  • Smoking By-law joint report with Legal approved in June 2019
  • Continuation of Town’s positive ticket program

Corporate services

  • 2018 year-end audit and financial statements completed with enhanced resident-focused documents
  • Development Charge By-law Update complete (Bill 108 changes to DC legislation, review and sensitivity analysis underway)
  • User Fee By-Law update underway with completion expected in 2019
  • Staff are working on reviewing internal processes and system to move towards a more self-serve, user friendly process in billing and customer service
  • New website development underway
  • Continue to develop knowledge base and needs assessment for technology to enhance resident experience.
  • Continue priority focus on information systems development to optimize organizational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Continue to work with YorkNet to expand fiber connectivity of Town facilities

Legal and clerks

  • Acquired cyber insurance to protect the Town against cyber-attacks/threats
  • Updates to the Town’s No Smoking By-law approved to ensure all parks and municipal property are kept smoke-free (including cannabis)
  • Enhanced road claim forms and process for residents