Town Response to COVID-19

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Water and Sewers

COVID-19 Response 

While the office is closed, you can continue to make payments through the Town’s drop box at the front of the Civic Centre, or online banking.

For more information, contact Customer Service at 905-478-4282 or customerservice@eastgwillimbury.calinks to external site

Billing Information

The water and sewer bills for each area are billed every three months as follows:

Holland Landing: January, April, July & October
Sharon & Mount Albert: February, May, August & November
River Drive Park (including Harvest Hills) & Queensville: March, June, September & December 

Please refer to the Map to see which area you live in.                

To make any changes to your water account please complete the applicable form below:

  1. Opening a tenant account (to be completed by the registered property owner)
    Opening a tenant account form
  2. Closing a tenant account (to be completed by the registered property owner)
    Closing a tenant account form
  3. Selling/renting a property in East Gwillimbury 
    Closing a water account form
  4. Purchasing a property in East Gwillimbury 
    Opening a water account form
  5. Change Mailing Address 
    Change of mailing address form
  6. Pay bill by pre-authorized payment plan 
    Pre-authorized payment form


Seniors, Low-Income Seniors & Low-Income Disabled Persons Water Deferral Program

The Town of East Gwillimbury offers a Seniors, Low-income Seniors, Low-income Disabled Homeowners deferral program. This program allows for qualifying homeowners to defer 50% of the quarterly fixed/delivery charges to the tax account. This amount acts as a lien against the property until the time in which the home is sold or a change in title occurs. All deferral monies must be repaid to the Town of East Gwillimbury at that time.


Seniors Water Deferral Application