COVID-19 80+ Second Vaccine Dose

The Government of Ontario has announced the accelerated roll out of second dose appointments, starting with individuals 80+ effective starting at 8:30 a.m. today (Monday, May 31, 2021). Residents 80 years and older can book an appointment now by visiting the York Region COVID-19 website.

Residents who already have a second dose appointment booked now have the option to re-book an earlier appointment. New appointments can be booked online or by phone by visiting the York Region COVID-19 website.

Previously booked second-dose appointments will be honoured and will not be cancelled unless a new and earlier appointment is confirmed.

Residents 80 years of age and older who are not able or comfortable booking an online appointment can recieve assistance by clicking the button below and are also encouraged to seek out a support person (caregiver, family member or friend) who can assist in booking this appointment on their behalf. Telephone support is also available and is listed under the applicable clinic on the York Region COVID-19 website.

Learn more about vaccine eligibility  Receive assistance booking your vaccine 

First dose appointments, including youth-friendly appointments, remain available this weekend for individuals 12+ who live, work or go to school in York Region and can be booked immediately at the York Region COVID-19 website.